Tina Campbell celebrates ‘unexpected’ first solo Grammy
Article By Rebecca Johnson
Posted November 29, 2017
Photo Credit: GETTY
Weeks following Tina Campbell’s announcement that she was forced to cancel her musical tour due to
low ticket sales, the gospel vocalist just got the best pick-me-up.

The Mary Mary singer is nominated for her first solo Grammy for her single, “Too Hard Not Too,”
about which she is thankful.

“This is so unexpected but I’m so grateful,” she said while
tweeting the news that she received a Best
Gospel Performance/Song nod Tuesday, Nov. 28.

“This song is God breathed, extremely personal, and it’s how I acquired a better life," she added.

The heart-warming, soothing ballad about the power of dropping offenses and letting go of past hurt,
is from Campbell’s latest release,  
It’s Still Personal—the follow-up to her 2015 NAACP award-winning
solo debut,
It’s Personal.

With her well-documented season of marital turmoil over her husband Teddy’s infidelity behind her,
she is now using her platform to help others find wholeness.

The GeeTree Creative recording artist’s nomination proves that the loud detractors slamming her on
social media are not the prevailing voices. Unfavorable chatter cannot override the power of her
songs, and the undeniable anointing on her voice.

Campbell drew the ire of a large segment of her African-American fan base after admitting she threw
her support behind the 45th U.S. president based on her faith views alone. As a result, many
promised to pull their support and boycott the gospel industry veteran because of their strong
disagreement with Campbell’s political choices.

In yesterday’s celebratory tweet, she noted that the joy she has, “Money can’t buy it. Fame can’t
accomplish it. Intellect can’t mastermind it. Power can’t acquire it. But God can give it if you choose his

Erica Campbell, who has been trying to convince her sibling to record new Mary Mary music wrote on
Instagram, "Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!! Congratulations to my baby sister on her solo Grammy nomination."

Congrats, Tina!
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