Empowering Everyday Women's daily news syndicate, EEW BUZZ is the award-winning web
publication owned and operated by
Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) not-
for-profit urban Christian evangelism ministry.

The online magazine is trusted by hundreds of thousands of readers to deliver uplifting human
interest stories, exclusive features, national and world news from a faith-based perspective.

Those who have grown tired of reading the same headlines, news reports and carefully crafted
releases churned out by corporately-owned media and posted on numerous sites, come to the
EEW editors for something fresh.

Over and over again we hear from those who rely on EEW BUZZ about how thankful they are for
our commitment to digging beneath the surface and amplifying voices of faith in the mainstream.

Known for our credible sources, journalistic integrity, and high-quality content, EEW BUZZ is oft
quoted, sourced and preferred as the media outlet of choice for journalists, as well as everyday
people seeking insider insights into the Christian  community.

The trends, statistics, happenings, triumphs, tragedies, and sometimes, unfortunate scandals that
impact Christians are covered by Empowering Everyday Women's team. All this is done in keeping
with our mission to create more informed disciples, better equipped to impact the culture and live
out their faith.

Our far-reaching influence, bolstered by a stellar team of media professionals and well-connected
contacts, affords EEW the opportunity to drive the national conversation on faith-focused issues.

When it comes to an organization with its finger on the pulse of the faith-based urban community,
EEW is in a class all its own. Read our stories daily from the home page of this site.

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shape the culture for Christ and help the less fortunate.

But doing ministry costs. We are only able to go on employing committed administrative staff and
funding important initiatives with the help of wonderful and loyal friends like you. If you know how
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here and around the world!
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