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Can your marriage recover after infidelity? Gospel singer
Tina Campbell says 'Absolutely!'
Article By Priscilla Johnson // EEW Magazine
Posted July 18, 2017
Gospel singer Tina Campbell accepts NAACP Award with husband Teddy Campbell by her side at the 47th NAACP Image
Awards Ceremony on February 4, 2016 in Pasadena, California (Photo Credit: Getty)
Surrender, repent, submit, confess and believe only.

That is what Tina Campbell, one half of the award-winning gospel duo Mary Mary advises. It is her
recipe for wholeness after infidelity.

The reality star, who has already begun taping the
sixth season of WE tv’s “Mary Mary”—the very
television program that documented her rocky marital transitiion—posed a question to her 500,000
Instagram followers. She asked, “Is it possible to fully forgive infidelity and really be happily married
to the same person again?”

To that, the multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning “Destiny” singer answered skeptics, “Absolutely!”
Then she offered biblical encouragement.

“God gave us an example of how to fix interpersonal relations through Jesus who forgave all of our
sins. Only love covers a multitude of sin. We show that love through forgiveness,”
wrote Campbell,
43, who co-hosts a web series with hubby on
YouTube called, “10 Minutes with Teddy and Tina.”

“We have to question our Christianity if we are not willing to do for others, what Jesus did for us. If
we've fully believed and received the forgiveness and love of Jesus, we must allow ourselves to be
empowered by it, so we can give it away,” she added.

Forgiveness came hard for the famous wife after her marriage was completely shattered by the
multiple extramarital affairs of her percussionist husband. The story first made headlines in the
June 2013 issue of EBONY magazine. The news stunned the faith-based sector of society. Then,
her subsequent violent, bitter, rage-filled response to the betrayal, which played out on WE tv, had
many thinking the pair would never make it through.

But they did through fasting, prayer, Christian counseling and the word of God.

they are counseling other husbands and wives struggling to repair the damage done to their
union by the sin of adultery. Their newfound joy didn't happen automatically, however. They are
only human and hurt like everyone else.

“Yes our reality is real, yes it happened, and yes it hurts, but at what point do we stop having faith
in what the devil did and put our faith in what God can do?” Campbell challenged readers of the

“We have to ask God to give us His perspective of our spouse, for eyes to see who He created, not
what sin created. We have to surrender, entirely, because when we do, He'll fix, heal, transform,
and resurrect anything,” she said.

For those who think it isn’t possible to overcome such a steep hill of hurt, Campbell reminds us all
that it is God, not us, who does the work. “He does it through our complete agreement with and
allegiance to Him,” she explained. “We have to abandon our self-centeredness. We're so busy
being smart and in control and many of us only relinquish it once we've totally lost it. You can’t
worry about your spouse's position or submission to God. Recognize your spiritual authority over
the devil, through Jesus Christ and use it to annihilate Satan's plan to ruin you, your spouse, your
children, and everyone watching.”

She went on, “You can’t give the devil access and power over you by having the wrong reaction,
perspective, and focus, by focusing on your sorrow, on the offense, by being bitter, being angry,
being prideful, being self-righteous, being unforgiving, being ignorant; that is, not reading and
knowing God's word enough to choose it, use it, and have complete faith in it.”

At the end of the post, the now blissfully happy wife who shares snippets of her family’s adventures
on social media, said, “God can change you first, and then allow others to have an opportunity see
Him, to experience Him through you. That's the whole purpose of creation, to be an expression of
God's glory.”

She concluded by saying, “God is just so good, so loving, so wise, that submission to Him,
ultimately blesses us more than we could ever imagine. My testimony.”

Are you struggling to overcome the heartbreaking effects of infidelity in your marriage. Are you
praying that God would heal your union and restore the love, joy and unity in your marriage?If He
did it for the Campbells, He'll do it for you. Let Empowering Everyday Women Ministries’ prayer
team stand with you and believe God to do a mighty work in your marriage
. Click here to request
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