Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. (EEW) founded by award-winning ministry leader, Dianna Hobbs, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that distributes
free Bible-based resources worldwide, hosts free conferences and prayer gatherings to share the Gospel, joyfully helps those in need through grants and
charitable campaigns,  and inspires you to live out your divine destiny.
Empowering through Bible teaching

Our founder, Dianna Hobbs, is a gifted Bible teacher who touches the heart
of women with a message of hope through Christ. Her warm, down-to-earth,
yet authoritative style of communicating the Gospel has carried her around
the world to minister at conferences and set the hearts of believers and
non-believers ablaze.
Empowering through spiritual resources

Our conferences, blogs, podcasts, and global missions make the word of God available and
accessible to people from various countries and continents. Our focused efforts are driven
by Jesus' command to  "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" (Mark
16:15 NIV). We're doing all we can to obey God and connect with as many souls as possible
Empowering through Philanthropy
81.5 million globally
go to bed hungry.
140 million children
globally are orphans.
35% of women
worldwide are abused.
The humanitarian efforts of EEW extend to women, children and families around the world. Our core focus is sharing the hope of the Gospel in
word and deed. Through campaigns for clean water, to fight hunger, provide shoes and clothing, distribute care packages, and allot
micro-grants for needy families,  we assist the underprivileged.

The needs are vast, but with your help, Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. is making a difference in the lives of everyday people.
Through our own initiatives and partnerships with trusted, like-minded organizations, and caring people like you, we are effectively ministering
to the afflicted, abused, impoverished and spiritually malnourished. Help us continue.
Women in the U.S. and around the world
rely on our free Bible-based resources to
strengthen their faith and fulfill their divine
For more than a decade, Your Daily Cup of Inspiration online devotions have
been reaching souls with the message of the Gospel. Founded by our
award-winning ministry leader, Dianna Hobbs, her ministry of encouragement
is one of the most trusted sources of Christian inspiration across the nation
and around the world. We reach women online, in person, in America, and
around the globe.
Reaching One Heart at a Time
Before there were ever any crowds and huge numbers of readers and listeners, there was one mission, which remains the same
today: to advance God's Kingdom. As a byproduct of our team's obedience to the call to make disciples of Christ, we have
received numerous testimonies of healing, breakthrough and deepened relationships with Jesus.

This is the greatest joy of the EEW family: to see the work of the ministry producing fruit. From large gatherings to small Bible
studies, we are reaching one heart at a time.
We pray, plan and pour out our lives to
empower everyone who encounters this
We would love the honor of having you connected to EEW. From the
beginning, our team has been committed to using every channel available to
move the mission of Christ forward in all the earth and equip you to walk in
divine purpose. We are honored to empower and equip you!

Read Your Daily Cup of Inspiration
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Through donations from amazing
partners, we provide grants for
families and launch campaigns to
bless others.

Annually, our free Activate
Intercessors prayer conference
brings believers together to
experience a move of God.
Partner with Us
You can make a huge difference in the world by giving to Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. Aside from meeting practical
needs of the broken, hurting, hungry, thirsty and struggling, you will help us build a stronger pipeline for the message of the Gospel to
flow to them.

Your giving goes toward the cost of providing free Christ-centered resources and charitable initiatives that make a tangible difference in
the lives of children, women and families often overlooked and marginalized in society.

You can help be the hands and feet of Jesus when you give a monthly gift of any amount.
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Confidence Rewarded
When you trust God, He blesses
you. Faith gets a response!
Divine Intervention
Prepare to see God turn the ordinary
into the extraordinary!

Things are shifting

The Lord will take you from your rough
place to your place of breakthrough.
He has seen your affliction and heard
your cries. Don't give up on your faith.
A shift is coming.

God has a better plan

If you follow Him and trust Him, He
will lead you to your place of destiny
and bless you beyond measure

You are blessed

If you know you have been consistent
in faith and patient through the
process, be assured that you are

Coming out of the wilderness

Don’t be intimidated by the opposition
and don’t be ensnared by the trap of
. You're coming out!

You'll be fruitful in famine

Your faith will unlock your harvest.
Though the land is barren, your faith
sets you up to reap anyway.

This fight is won!

No matter  how likely it appears that
you will be defeated, this battle is not  
yours, it’s the Lord’s—so you win.
Despite the circumstances and the  
odds being stacked against you,
watch God work things o

Christian and depressed? You are
not alone

Many feel ashamed about their battle
with mental health. But now it's time
to remove the stigma.

Wondering how to be more mature
in your faith?

If you want to be strong in the Lord
and able to withstand hardship, here
are some habits to practice.

Dianna Hobbs shares were she's
been lately

Have you been missing our founder's
blogs and podcasts? She explains
her whereabouts on Instagram.

Afraid to speak your truth? Your
voice matters

Life can teach you that it's useless to
speak out about sexual assault. But it
Going through? You
might bend but you will
not break.
Even if it’s not a place
you want to be in
, God
is there!
Wake up your courage
nd your confidence.