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Let God heal it

Are you pretending
to be whole? If so,
take off that mask!

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Cora On Purity

The author opens
up about past
purity struggle

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Hobbs' new role

EEW Founder &
husband are
appointed pastors

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Infidelity Destroys

Pastor Jamal
Bryant's ex opens
up about cheating

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God has restored!

EEW blogger
LaKeisha shares
her testimony.

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My Pastor Fell

What do you do
when your leader
falls into sin?

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Dianna Hobbs receives a miracle!
At her '50 Women Praying" prayer
service the EEW Ministries Founder is
miraculously healed
A Meeting Ordained By God
It was a divine meeting for such a
time as this! Listen to EEW Founder
share this powerful word.
Yolanda Adams defends artists
The music industry veteran and radio
personality says gospel musicians
shouldn't be pegged for one thing.
Strengthen & Exercise Your Faith
Are you struggling to believe God?
Here are  5 scriptures you need to
read to help strengthen your faith
Preachers & Politicians
President Trump's new executive
order makes it easier for preachers
to endorse political candidates
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Happiness is overrated
because it is so fleeting.
Strive to have joy!
Sometimes things don't
make sense, but you
cannot find solutions on
your own. Let God have it.
God made you awesome!
If you don't see it, here are
7 ways to be more
confident in you.
Donate and help us in our mission to  reach
souls worldwide with Christ's love.
Get to know our Founder, Dianna Hobbs and
discover the ministry's vision.
Tap into free online resources to grow your
faith and expand your knowledge.
Inspiring Books & more
Evangelist Dianna Hobbs inspires you to
press forward, keep crying out to God an
anticipate breakthrough!
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John Gray's OWN Show Gets Four Stars
“The Book of John Gray,” featuring associate
pastor of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, and
his wife Aventer is exceptional!
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Got a Grasshopper Mentality?
If you have a problem with thinking too small, here are some
scriptures to get you on track
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featured article on EEW
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technology & faith
Don’t get distracted! Think before you
engage in these 5 social media behaviors

Not too long ago, I logged in to my Bible app to read the verse of
the day and do a little studying, when all of a sudden, an icon
popped up bearing the face of a lady I knew from one of my social
media pages. Since we apparently both use the Bible app, it
asked if I would like to connect with her.

It was so distracting!

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Discipleship isn't easy, but it's worth it!

Who said living a joy-filled, Christ-like life was
easy? It's not. But it is worth the pain, the fight, the
tears, the crucifying of the flesh and more that
comes with it. Here's why.
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Founder Dianna
CeCe Winans says God has given her and
husband Alvin Love the ‘ability to relate’
to Millennials

n this day and age, young people seem to be slipping away
from the church in alarming numbers, leaving pastors to wonder
how to not only attract, but retain millennials—a fancy term for
those in the under-35 group.

But Pastor Alvin Love and his 10-time Grammy-winning
recording artist wife, CeCe Winans, are having no trouble
drawing and keeping younger folks at their Nashville,
Tennessee-based ministry. So then, what in the world is these
co-pastors' secret?

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our advocacy // how you can help
Photos: Getty
Desire to draw close to God?
The Lord wants to commune with
you. Here's how to get nearer.
Summer Reading List
Looking for some great books to
read? Here are 5 suggestions!
Why You're Going Through
Dianna Hobbs helps you see that
this is working for your good.
also featured