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Make a Spiritual Resolution

People often kick off the New Year by making promises they
intend to (but don’t) keep. While there are some good New Year’s
goals to set, here are 7
spiritual resolutions you should definitely
make and keep this year.
A New Year Prayer for You

Here at Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, our intercessory
prayer team is believing God with you for extraordinary favor and
blessings in 2017. No matter what you're going through now, trust
Him. Touch and agree with us as you pray this prayer of faith.
First lady supports arrested husband
A pastor is jailed on 9 armed robbery
charges, but his wife is standing by
his side
Kim Burrell causes uproar
The pastor calls homosexuality
"perversion" in a sermon clip that
went viral
Release the Guilt in 2017

Guilt can be a hard thing to shake, but today we are letting it go!
Here are 5 scriptures to eliminate the guilt and shame you feel
when you remember faults of the past
. 2017 is your year to
release it.
Why Do Bad Things Happen?

A question that has driven many away from the faith is this: “If God is
so good, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?”
Some just can’t comprehend how a just and fair God could allow
such unjust and unfair things.
Build Your Faith for Healing

Believing God for healing when you are battling a serious illness
can be tough, especially when you've been dealing with sickness
for a long time and are in pain.
But here here are 5 Bible stories
to remind you of the miraculous healings the Lord has performed.
Shirley Caesar weighs in on Kim
The veteran gospel singer offers
words of advice and stresses that
she loves everyone
Instead of calling her or praying for
her, a fellow singer is lambasting the
embattled pastor publicly
5 Scriptures to Boost Faith

New Year, new beginnings, new blessings! Whether last year felt
like a bust or the best, it’s time to look forward to the future and
believe God has great things in store for you in 2017. Here are 5
scriptures to get you pumped for the awesome things to come!
Mocking Bishop Long?

In Obadiah 1:12, the prophet warned Edom about mocking the
affliction of Judah.
He said, “You should not gloat over your
brother in the day of his misfortune”—something believers
should remember.
Christians, You Will be Hated

Many Christians have traded in their armor in exchange for a
friendly relationship with the world. However, if you truly desire to
be a soldier for Christ, you have to be thick-skinned and expected
to be misunderstood, and hated.
Fight Back with the Word

Satan loves to introduce challenges to target our faith. Look no
further than the life of Job. But here’s the good news: the Lord
has given us a way to defeat the devil and his attacks.
Here are 6
scriptures that should be in your arsenal.
Guard Your Time Online

There are so many pesky little distractions vying for your attention,
especially online!
But if you’re really serious about reaching your
goals here are 8 things to do
to guard your time and be the
focused person God desires you to be.
Cory Condrey needs our prayers
The minister and radio personality
was in a near-fatal accident and is
praying for healing
Motown's New Gospel Release

GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist Tasha Cobbs and
more gospel greats are lifting their voices to heal America.
Motown Gospel is set to release a timely digital-only compilation
project, Heal: Songs of Hope for Our Nation, on January 13, 2017.
Fighting for the Word Network

n Jan. 12, Comcast is poised to axe The Word Network in key
. In an effort to stop what the religious media company is
calling an “unjust removal” of programming on 456 Comcast
systems, Rev. Al Sharpton is weighing in.
Kirk Feels Boxed In

Last year, when Kirk Franklin collaborated with Kanye West, many
within the faith community were upset.
Unhappy or not, the
successful gospel artist is making it known that he doesn’t want
to be boxed in creatively.
7 Biblical Virtues to Embrace

No matter what the world deems trendy, acceptable and normal,
as believers, we must be governed by Scripture. Here are 7
biblical virtues
including abstinence and submission, you and
your girlfriends need to e
Why Men Cheat

Scorned women everywhere would love to know why in the world
men cheat on their wives.
Well, musician Teddy Campbell,
husband of Tina Campbell, who went from serial adulterer to
faithful spouse, is sharing some insight with you.
Viola Davis Is Grateful to God

Actress Viola Davis got the first new star of 2017 on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame Thursday and she is feeling grateful to God.
Considered an Oscar frontrunner for best actress for her role in
Fences, she said her life is “blessed.”
In Defense of Kim Burrell

As the world renounces Kim Burrell and her comments on gays,
fellow Christians have been shamefully silent according to a
fellow gospel artist.
Tasha Page Lockhart wept in a video and
asked "Where is the Church?"
Pray for our Founder Dianna Hobbs
The Empowering Everyday Women
Ministries Founder has fallen ill, but
we know God is able.
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