TD Jakes
APRIL 22, 2015
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T.D. Jakes Shares 5 Simple Steps to Be Happy On The Steve Harvey
Show [VIDEO]

Article By Wendy Adams/ Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show

On a quest to be truly happy? Bishop T.D. Jakes, one of America’s best known faith voices, is sharing his
personal formula.

On a Tuesday episode of The Steve Harvey Show, the 57-year-old Dallas preacher shared 5 simple steps
to happiness.

    1. Own Your Own Happiness

    “Your kids are not gonna make you happy. Your spouse is not gonna make you happy. Your big
    house is not gonna make you happy. Own your own happiness and be responsible for doing those
    things that bring joy into your own heart.”

    2. Challenge Your Own Story

    “People torment themselves by how they see their life. They’ve told themselves a story as if it were
    ‘the’ truth, when it is really a perspective truth. And sometimes you’ve narrated a story that you
    beat yourself to death with. Challenge your own story. Change the way you talk to yourself about
    who you are and what happened to you, and what you’re gonna do in your life.”

    3. Enjoy the Journey, Not the Destination

    “A lot of us delay our happiness [and say] ‘When I get to this level, when I get the degree, when I
    get the kids, when I get married, I’m gonna be happy.’ Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the whole step, the
    whole process.”

    4. Make Relationships Count

    “Nature teaches us, there is no fruit without relationships. You cannot be fruitful by yourself, in
    business, in home, in life, in church. I don’t care what it is, you are no more than the relationships
    you surround yourself with and make sure that those are good ones.”

    5. Balance Work With Play

    “You can’t do all of either one and be successful and to those whom much is given, much is required.
    If you work really hard and you’re a really diligent person, make sure that you do some play to
    balance your life out. If you play real hard, but you don’t work very much, you’re gonna be fun, but
    you’re gonna be hungry.”

Press play on the video below to watch the Potter's House Dallas pastor give his advice.