5 Ways to be Happy:: EEW Magazine
APRIL 15, 2015
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5 Ways To Be Happy

Article By Sarah Henderson

There are a million and one things to bog us down throughout our day. As Christians, if we aren’t deliberate about
meditating on positive things, we’ll be down in the dumps for sure!

Here are 5 ways to feel instantly happier.

First shared by TODAY host, Hoda Kotb, who got the idea from watching a TED Talk, here’s what you need to do for 21
days to make being happy a habit.

1. Write a grateful list.

    No more complaining. Every day, write down three things for which you’re grateful and be sure to go beyond the
    obvious things like “life,” “health,” and “strength.”

    Your grateful list needs to be about small, specific things. Here’s an example: “I’m grateful that I got to talk to my
    sister on the phone for 5 minutes today and learn that she’s doing okay after her knee surgery.

2. Write a half a page about one great thing that happened in the last 24 hours.

    This is a little bit different from the grateful list, because it forces you to think more deeply about one thing and
    how it impacted your life. Even if the occurrence wasn’t life-shifting, the impact of it could be great.

    Here’s an example: Today, instead of going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, I went home and made a
    salad as a part of my decision to be healthier. This one step I took reveals that I’m getting stronger in my quest
    to beat unwholesome cravings. A few years ago, I was treating my body so badly, that I didn’t care what I put
    in it. A great thing is happening inside of me, which I know will show up on the outside, eventually, if I keep
    working at it.

3. Pray and then sit silently in God’s presence.

    This one’s huge! The Bible instructs us to pray continually, which can be accomplished anywhere. But this
    doesn’t mean we don’t need to devote special time to settle ourselves, get still and spend some time with Jesus.
    Your special prayer time may only take 10-20 minutes. The key is, once you make your requests known to God,
    sit there for a few moments and mediate on Him before you resume your activities.

4. Exercise.

    Studies show that people who exercise get a positive boost. Your body releases chemicals called endorphins that
    trigger a happy feeling and reduces stress. So get your exercise on. It's up to you to determine how hard you
    work, but do something: go for a walk, a 10-minute jog, or if you like, pop in a workout DVD. Whatever you
    prefer is fine, but just get moving.

5. Perform one random act of kindness.

    Don’t you feel happy when you bring joy to someone else’s day? Daily, find something small you can do: give
    someone a compliment; buy a “just because” card for a family member or co-worker; pay for someone else’s
    toll; visit a nursing home. Things like a smile, hug, or "I love you" are free. Whatever you decide upon,  let God
    lead you.

Then, of course, there's always Kirk Franklin's "Smile" video to lift your spirit. Go ahead and press play!