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Trump Wins Presidency

Donald Trump claimed his place as America's 45th president, an
astonishing victory for the celebrity businessman and political
novice who capitalized on voters' economic anxieties, took
advantage of racial tensions on his way to the White House.
Pro-lifers Voted for Trump

A survey by WPA Opinion Research reveals 60 percent of Trump
voters agreed that their vote was impacted by the Republican Party
platform's "strong positions on unborn human life and religious
7 Natural Hair Care Tips
Whether you just went natural, or have
been natural for years, here's how to
manage your fluffy, curly crown.
Top 5 Psalms of Praise!?
These powerful biblical Psalms will
help you remember to praise the
Lord at all times.

Are you so desperate for Mr. Wrong to be Mr. Right that you're
ignoring red flags just to avoid being alone? If so, it's time to
change that. Pay close attention to what his actions are telling you
and make a change if necessary.

Disappointed by the past, we are more comfortable managing our
emotions with reserve, than risking the possibility of more unfulfilled
hopes.  But it is time to stop playing the game and believe God for
our turnarounds!

When you are struggling, whether physically or spiritually, it can
be easy to fall into despair. You can get so lost in the darkness of
your troubles that you forget about the light at the end of the tunnel.
Here are 5 things not to do when times get tough.
GOD Trumps Trump
No matter who is in the White House,
God is yet in control. Read these
scriptures to ease your worries.
Christian Cop Hailed A Hero
Officer Jennifer Whitaker of Buffalo,
NY saved a woman's life on a Las
Vegas flight, keeping her vow to God.
How to Succeed God's Way
God wants you to be prosperous and
it's not about worldly success. How
does the Word define prosperity?

It would be nice if becoming a Christian somehow guaranteed
sunny days. But we all know there will be rainy days. That’s why
EEW Magazine is sharing our 5 essential gospel songs every
Christian should have in their pick-me-up playlist.

Never to give up on your dreams. Better yet, never give up on God’
s plans for you! Here are 8 scriptures to keep you motivated when
things don’t seem to be coming into fruition. Here are 8
scriptures to keep you motivated.
Teaching Kids Christmas Truth
Many families have gotten away from
the real meaning of Christmas. But
thousands will learn truth this year.

The world needs a whole lot more leaders of integrity. Be one of
them. If you desire to be the kind of influencer with whom God is
pleased, adhere to these 7 principles extracted directly from the
word of God.
5 must-know scriptures

The Bible is a big book that is “useful for teaching, rebuking,
correcting and training in righteousness,” (2 Timothy 3:16). So we
should be able to pull out a good many key scriptures at key
points in our life. Here are 5 must-know verses.
Improve your Bible study

Joshua 1:8 (NLT) says "study" the word and "meditate" on it. You
may have heard this verse before, yet you are unsure exactly how
to follow through on it. Here are 5 tips to help you delve into that
thick book that's been sitting on your nightstand for a while.
Helping Millions of Kids
Donors across the U.S. are on a
mission to make a lasting impact on
children in need.
How to Succeed God's Way

God wants you to be prosperous and it's not about worldly
success. Success is staying on the narrow path (Matthew 7:14)
and following God’s plan for our lives. So how can you carry out
our God-given destinies in a self-driven world?
7 Natural Hair Care Tips

Whether you just went natural, or you’ve been natural for years, you
may be in need of some advice on how to manage your fluffy, curly
crown. Here are 7 ways  to keep your hair healthy and happy, based
on tops tips from other naturals.
4 Biblical Parenting Tips

One of God’s greatest callings is the call to be a parent. If He has
blessed you with children, raise them up to be warriors for Christ.
How you might do so is detailed in this list of 4 Bible-based tips
every Christian should apply.
Panicking Over Trump? Don't.
Don't forget that God is sovereign. Trump may be our next
president, but God is still in control.
Top 5 Praise Psalms
Here's a reminder to praise God in good times and in bad times,
because all the time, He is worthy!
She did that! No, HE did that!

Ever met someone that was the most enthusiastic member of
their own fan club? They praise themselves for things only God
deserves praise for. If He gave you all these amazing attributes,
shouldn’t He get the glory?
Scriptures That Evoke Praise

Life offers us many opportunities to complain, but how many
times does it make room for worship? Every day. If you're
struggling to find some, here 7 reasons why you should offer
5 Lies Satan Tells

John 8:44 tells us the devil is "a liar and the father of lies." The
enemy will lie to us to hold us back from being all God has called us
to be. That's why identifying the voice of the enemy is crucial if we
are to block him out.
Struggling to Forgive?

Whether you're dealing with a romantic partner, friends, family
members, work associates or others, they will offend you and you
will need to forgive them.  If you're struggling to let it go, here are 5
Bible verses you need to meditate on.