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Bishop T.D. Jakes shares four steps for effective
Article By Denise Eldridge // Spiritual
Posted March 9, 2017
Bishop T.D. Jakes has earned a reputation for being one of the most prolific, dynamic and gifted
preachers of our day. So how does he do it?

The Potter’s House of Dallas leader is giving away some of his tried and true tips to help ministers
of the gospel be more effective in relaying the important truths of the Bible to an audience.

“A message on Sunday morning doesn’t start in the pews and it doesn’t start on Saturday night,”
explains Jakes in a video recently posted on his
Bishop’s Village website. “It starts with respecting
God’s word and loving God’s word, and doing your best with the gifts you’ve been given to be
excellent at what He called you to do. It’s how I give service to Him.”

For those seeking a simple breakdown of steps, the best-selling author of
Destiny: Step Into Your
gives away a recipe which he shares with new ministers to help them.

Here are the four pointers:

    1. Study yourself full: Jakes believes that you must feast on the word of God first and
    receive enough from its pages personally before you can feed a congregation. “If you don’t
    study yourself full, you’re not good. You’re not ready to deliver,” he says.

    2. Think yourself clear: Asking and answering your own questions about the text, and
    ensuring you first have clarity of thought is critical, notes the head of the 30,000-member
    congregation. “If you don’t think yourself clear, you’ve got a lot of facts, but they’re
    discombobulated, so thinking yourself clear is very, very important,” he says.

    3. Pray yourself hot: This has everything to do with seeking God to give you a burning on
    the inside—a passion—for His word, so you can see its relevancy to your life and connect
    with your audience. “If you’re not passionate about it, it’s irrelevant,” Bishop states.

    4. Let yourself go: When time comes to minister, the charismatic preacher advises
    preachers and Bible teachers to shake off nerves, loosen up, and give over to the moment.
    Otherwise, you won’t be able to effectively teach the word of God. “If you’re going to get up
    and be inhibited, you can’t deliver,” Jakes says.

If a person is serious about releasing soul-stirring teachings to bless an audience, according to
Jakes, each one of those steps must be adhered to. “If you miss any one of those four you’re going
to be in trouble,” warns the faith-friendly MegaFest Founder.

As for the 59-year-old’s personal style, he says he does a lot of exegetical preaching.

“Exegetical preaching is to read the text and understand the pivotal points in the text. [I ask] when
does the subject turn or add new information? If the text were to be put on a GPS system, when
would the voice speak to change direction? To develop an effective outline out of the text is very
important,” he says.

Most importantly, a speaker need not focus only on extracting biblical truth from the text for the
benefit of those in attendance at a service, but Bible study time, initially, should be a way of fueling
one's spirit

“I don’t always approach the word of God for a sermon,” Jakes says. “I go there to feed myself and
out of the gross wealth of what I am fed, I feed you.”
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