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Examples to follow: Noble qualities of five biblical women
you should imitate
Article By Alice Whitehall // Empowering Everyday Women
Posted March 8, 2017
There are many amazing women in the world that we could choose to emulate, but as with all
things, our main influence should be the Word of God.

So instead of looking to the women presently on earth for tips on how to go about life, why not
look to women in the Bible?

The 5 women listed below each represent a quality you should possess:

    Hannah, A Woman of Fervent Prayer (1 Samuel 1:1-19)- Hannah was not afraid to
    present her desire for a child to the Lord. Although she had been barren for years, she
    poured her heart into her request. Like Hannah, we are to come boldly to the throne of
    grace, so that God may grant us help in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16). Prayer changes
    things, so don’t be ashamed to ask God for the dreams and desires you wish to see

    Elizabeth, An Encourager (Luke 1:39-45)- When Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist,
    heard of Mary’s pregnancy, she was amazed. She declared that Mary was blessed
    because of her faith, and among women in general! Likewise, when the Lord blesses the
    women around us, our reaction should be one of pure joy. We should encourage each
    other in our faith, and be glad when the Lord uses one of our sisters in Christ for His glory.

    Rahab, A Woman of Faith (Joshua 2:1-21)- Although we do not endorse her harlotry, we
    do endorse her faith. Due to hearing about the wonders of the Lord, Rahab believed that
    God would overtake her city, and acted on this belief, saving two spies—as well as herself
    and her relatives. Rahab’s faith caused her to assist the Israelites on their God-given
    mission. As Rahab was, we must be willing to act on our faith.

    The Woman with An Issue of Blood Perseveres (Luke 8:43-48)- For twelve years, this
    woman could find no physician skilled enough to heal her. Yet, she never gave up
    pursuing healing. She pressed her way through a crowd just to touch the tip of Jesus’s
    garment, believing that He could make her whole. Although it looked as though she would
    suffer with this issue for the rest of her life, this woman never gave up on finding a cure.
    Her perseverance is a trait we should all adopt.  

    Esther, A Woman of Great Courage (Book of Esther)- In order to save her people
    from the doom that Haman wished to bring upon them, Esther sacrificed her own safety by
    deciding to appear before the king without his permission. Her attitude was “if I perish, I
    perish” (Esther 4:16, ESV). We must be like Esther, willing to carry out the Lord’s will in
    uncomfortable and unfavorable situations.

Pray, encourage, have faith, persevere and be courageous. These are lessons we can all follow,
and they come straight from God’s Word.
Copyright © 2017-2020 Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
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