Kirk Franklin
MAY 5, 2015
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Daddy-Daughter Love: Kirk Franklin’s Touching Written Tribute To
His 18-Year-Old

Article By Christine Thomas:: Photo Credit: EEW Magazine via GETTY

Is Kirk Franklin the cutest father ever, or what?

The GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel artist, 45, gushed over his daughter Kennedy Elizabeth Franklin,
who turned 18 Monday, May 4.

“I feel like sitting in a corner, in some old dirty sweats, teeth not brushed, with a cup of old coffee, and a
box of pictures of my little girl,” he said in a Patheos blog post titled, “
God’s Daughters: Treat His Like
You Would Treat Yours.”

Looks like the adorable dad is having a hard time letting Kennedy grow up.

According to Franklin, the moment he and his wife Tammy welcomed her, “Kennedy became the center
of attention for all of us. She was tiny with big eyes, and would dance and pretend like she was getting
married in her mother’s shoes and dresses.”

He continued, “Traveling became harder for me because I didn’t want to leave this little girl who robbed
me of every piece of my heart. Well, today, it’s back in pieces again, because that little girl is 18 today.”

Franklin isn’t shy at all about letting the world know how much he loves his family.

Recently, the “Imagine Me” writer admitted he couldn’t stop crying after Kennedy was accepted into
Baylor University, a private Christian college. Then, Franklin turned into a blubbering mess again when
she made the cheerleading squad.

Why is so emotional?

Well, it goes beyond the typical sentimental dad stuff.

Franklin explained that, in his young life, he made many wrong moves in respect to women. More
specifically, he got a girl pregnant at 15 and paid for her abortion.

“I’ve made many mistakes in my life. There will be a child in heaven that I have to give an account for
from a sin I committed as a teenager,” wrote Franklin, referencing the aborted baby.

He added, “I didn’t deserve another chance. Thank God sin lost to grace… And her name is Kennedy.
Happy birthday, Kennedy.”