Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin is an excited and emotional dad.

After learning that his 17-year-old daughter, Kennedy Elizabeth Franklin, was accepted into her college of
choice, the proud papa turned into a blubbering mess.

His “baby girl” is on her way to
Baylor University in Waco, Texas, a private Christian university, ranked one of
the best national colleges by U.S. News & World Report.

Dad isn’t the only ecstatic one.

“I am officially a Baylor Bear” tweeted Kennedy, also calling Baylor her “dream school,” as congratulations
poured in from friends.

But Franklin isn’t ready to let go—something he made very clear in a
February blog post aptly titled "The Fear of
Letting Go," about searching out universities for his daughter.

“I see the passion in her eyes. The desire to fly and explore a new world. What I see in her eyes is night and day
from what I see in mine. In my eyes, time is standing still,” he wrote.  “I want her to stay the little girl. I don’t want
her to grow up… and no longer need me, or love me.”

The protective father continued, “But if I would get out of the way, I could trust the plan God has given me for
her… even though I am not as perfect as He is, I can trust the plan He’s given me as her dad.”

How sweet.

Now that her acceptance into Baylor is official, looks like the time has truly come to release Kennedy into the
Kirk Franklin ‘Can’t Stop Crying’ Over Happy News
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MARCH 26, 2015
Article Christine Thomas/Photo Credit: GETTY
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