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Time to Intercede: 4 Influential faith leaders to add to your
prayer list now
Article By Rebecca Johnson // News
Posted February 27, 2017
Christian leaders Sheila Belle, Dianna Hobbs, Deon Kipping and Cory Condrey are in need of prayer for health challenges
Many Christians are selfish in their prayers, focusing only on their personal well-being. But as
believers, we are called to intercede for others who are hurting.

If you desire to reach God on behalf of someone else, take this opportunity to add the names of
four influential faith leaders, who are in individual health battles, to your prayer list.

Whether you know them or not, they are sisters and brothers in Christ.

Sheila Belle of Radio One’s Praise 104.7 FM; Dianna Hobbs of EEW Magazine; Cory “CoCo
Brother” Condrey of The Condrey Evangelistic Association; and gospel recording artist Deon

    Sheila Belle, affectionately known as “The Belle,” is a beloved nationally syndicated radio
    personality and gospel music industry insider. She is presently working hard to regain
    strength and wholeness after an intense battle with breast cancer. Recently, Grammy-
    nominated gospel singer Jekalyn Carr launched a support movement for the faith-filled
    Richmond, Virginia-based breast cancer warrior who is exercising her faith to overcome.

    Dianna Hobbs, award-winning web publisher of EEW Magazine, writer of one of America’s
    Top 100 faith blogs “Your Daily Cup of Inspiration,” and best-selling author, was diagnosed
    with Glaucoma last year and told she would be blind within five years, and is now suffering
    with complications from a recent diagnosis of two autoimmune diseases: aggressive
    Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. The previously healthy, currently bed-ridden,
    Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit
    Christian urban evangelism organization, has been hospitalized multiple times with heart
    complications, respiratory issues, dangerously high blood pressure spikes, and
    excruciatingly painful joint issues. A “50 Women Praying: An Evening of Jubilee” healing
    prayer service in honor of the well-loved leader has been organized. Global prayer
    warriors and worshippers are gathering for her on Sunday, March 26 at Covenant of
    Grace Ministries in Niagara Falls, NY. For more info visit

    Cory Condrey is a celebrated and respected national radio and television personality,
    pastor of Rain Fire Church in Douglasville, GA, evangelist and vocal witness for Christ. He
    recently survived a near-fatal car crash. The driver who plowed into him did, in fact, pass
    away. But God miraculously spared the life of the former BET “Lift Every Voice” host, who
    sustained serious injuries, including fractured ribs and several broken bones in his legs
    requiring two surgeries. The devoted husband and father, and spiritual leader is now going
    through the rehabilitation process. Though he is in a wheelchair, Condrey has full function
    of his legs and is believing God to restore strength and wholeness, so he can walk again.

    Deon Kipping is an award-winning gospel singer-songwriter whose compositions have
    moved souls and touched hearts around the world.  The “What’s Coming Is Better”
    composer was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. As the artist goes through his fight
    and solicits donations to help find a cure, the gospel community has rallied around him,
    and organized “A Night of Love” event. It will take place on March 7, 2017 at 7 p.m. at
    Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Connecticut where high-profile artists will unify in faith for the
    healing of their brother-in-Christ.

These are just a few names for you to include in your petitions to God. After all, as Christians, we
are family and need each other to make it through.

Have you been going through something difficult and suffering through a setback of some sort?
You are not by yourself. The intercessory prayer team at Empowering Everyday Women
Ministries stands ready to intercede for you.
Click here to submit your request.
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