God's word doesn't expire: your miracle will happen!
Article By Nyla Ortega // Empowering Everyday Women Ministries
What is it you've been praying for?

Whether it's healing,
financial blessings, or some other breakthrough that seems it will never
know that, by the power of God, it can happen.

But after you've been waiting a couple of weeks, which turns into a couple of months, that
turns into a couple of years, believing God for your blessing can be tough. You've done all you
can to focus and hope in God, but the desires of your heart seem like they'll never come to
pass (Psalm 37:4).

Your prayer request has seemingly been sitting on the shelf, collecting dust. When will you get
one of these awesome miracles you hear others speak about? Has God forgotten you?

Well, the good news is God's promises don't expire with time.

ake Abram and Sarai for example. They wanted a child before their names became Abraham
and Sarah
. If you track Abraham's age progression from the first mention of the covenant
through the waiting period, you'll see they had to wait a whopping 25 years for their promised
child (Genesis 12-21)!

If you need another example, there was the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48), who
waited twelve years before she got her healing-- and there are countless other examples

The Israelites weren't instantly freed from slavery and brought into the Promised Land
, either.
It took 400 long years for freedom to come,
but it did happen.

Joseph didn't immediately become a ruler in Egypt, but it happened. You may not have
received the answer to your prayer yet, but it will happen.

God hears you, and He will give you the answer you need (1 John 5:14-15), just keep
believing. It may not happen on your time, but it will happen on time.

Your miracle will happen.

Are you struggling to believe after dealing with failure after failure? Listen below to this
encouraging word, "This time, it will work out!" from our founder, Dianna Hobbs.

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