Kierra Sheard, jamie Foxx
MAY 4, 2015
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Kierra Sheard Defends Jamie Foxx’s National Anthem Performance:
‘It Was Good!’

Article By Andrea Schaffer:: Photo Credit: EEW MAGAZINE VIA GETTY

Good singers know good singing. Or, do they?

Award-winning gospel singer Kierra Sheard said vocalist Jamie Foxx’s much-trashed rendition of “The
Star Spangled Banner” was “good.”

Beyond Sheard, however, the Oscar winner’s performance before the Floyd Mayweather and Manny
Pacquiao fight Saturday in Las Vegas, didn’t receive much support.

“I enjoyed Jamie foxx!!!” wrote the 27-year-old on Twitter, then added, “Where I am there are super
haters around sheesh!”

While Foxx is known as both a gifted singer and pianist, when he placed his unique twist on The National
Anthem, Twitter erupted with criticism from fans.

Foxx, who removed his earpiece at the start of the song, made the melody feel R&B-ish and soulful—
something plenty listeners didn’t appreciate.

The changes to the song were bold and no doubt a risk. Unfortunately, Foxx’s ambitious version hit a
sour note with many viewers.

“It was good!” Sheard insisted, despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Turns out Foxx’s singing wasn’t the only thing that got trashed Saturday night. Countless boxing fans
said the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was over-hyped, yet underwhelming.

After successful marketing generated millions, once the fight got underway, the still-undefeated
champion won in his typical non-flashy, technical way, virtually neutralizing Pacquiao.

High hopes for a bitter battle between the two respected boxers were crushed. It was all pretty standard

Looks like Foxx’s poorly-received singing was a foreshadowing of the matchup to come.

Missed Foxx’s performance? Watch it below and draw your own conclusions.