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Helping those in need: Bishop Hezekiah Walker signs $80
million contract to build affordable housing
Article By Candy Easton // News
Posted February 27, 2017
Bishop Hezekiah Walker, whose hit song “Better” assures listeners things will improve in their
lives, is doing more than singing to enrich those he’s called to minister to.

The GRAMMY® Award-winner recently expressed his elation over his official sign-off on a
contract to head up an $80 million project to build affordable housing in his hometown.

This major move will indeed go a long way toward assisting lower-income families in obtaining
clean, beautiful and comfortable living spaces that won’t hurt their budget.

Instagram, the Brooklyn, NY-based senior pastor of Love Fellowship Tabernacle reacted with
an ecstatic posting.

"OH MY GOD! I Just left a meeting and completed an $80M deal with NYC to build affordable
housing and a brand new church on my property in Brooklyn,” he said.

Externalizing his internal feelings, the 54-year-old added, “I'm completely blown away.” He did not
share further details.

The big-hearted leader, who was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame last year, has long
made ministry choices guided by a love and concern for God’s people. For example, instead of
building his church in the suburbs, Walker stayed in the heart of the city, in a low-income
neighborhood, to give hope to community residents.

"I want people to come out of the shelters and look at the building every day, and know that there
is hope," he told the New York
Daily News in a 2008 interview. "I want them to come into the
church and worship, as the Bible says, in the beauty of holiness, and I will preach hope."

The civic-minded pastor continued, "We are staying right in East New York where our church is
really needed, not just to preach and sing, but to care for the people."

Signing a contract to build a new housing development in the borough will give Walker the
opportunity to help far more people in a tangible way.

Many have been congratulating the prominent leader on social media and also offering prayers
that God would guide him in this new venture.

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