CeCe Winans and Alvin Love are pastor and first lady
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First Lady CeCe Winans Ends Social Media Hiatus: ‘I’ve Been
Building the Kingdom of God’
For months, award-winning gospel recording artist CeCe Winans, 49, slipped under the radar. The typically
active on social media singer had fans asking where she had disappeared to.

Now the mystery has been solved. The celebrated vocalist has fully thrust herself into her role as First Lady of
Nashville Life Christian Church.

“Hi everybody I’m BACK!!!” she tweeted Friday, Feb. 3 after being silent since October 24, 2013.

Missing holiday interactions with her online community, Winans gave a quick explanation and a belated New
Years greeting. “I've been building The Kingdom of God through the local church Nashville Life! I pray 2014 is
your Best Year Yet!!”

2014 will likely be
her busiest.

Aside from fulfilling responsibilities to the local church which she launched with her husband and pastor Alvin
Love (pictured above), Winans is set to release her first recording in 5 years through a newly formed
partnership with Motown Gospel.  

Nashville Life Christian Church was birthed March 28, 2012 when its first official service was held in the Loves’
home with thirty-four people in attendance.  It now meets in Wallace Chapel on the campus of Christ Church in

“All I can say is that I love it!” Winans said in an interview with the
The Examiner. “It’s something that we did not
plan, something that we did not envision, but God birthed it out of our home.”

The ministry, according to the Loves, is a manifestation of numerous prophetic words dating back to 1995
confirming that God would call Love to the pastorate.

16 years later, the couple hosted a discipleship ministry school in their home led by Bram and Dianne
Manusama of Melbourne, Australia. The move of God among the young people was so great, it became clear
to the Loves that the time was right to branch out into ministry.

“Actually, my son and his friends started meeting at our house, started doing the Bible study meeting at our
house and the Lord just continued to make it plain that this was His will for us to start pastoring,” Winans

“Now that we've embraced His call, it has been a pure joy. It's a lot of work, a lot of change in our lives. A
change in our lives where we thought we were going to be cutting back and there's no sign of slowing down.”

It is evident that if any “cutting back” at all
does take place, it will happen online in the form of a social
networking break.

For now, Winans is back in full force, operating on all cylinders.

Our prayers are with the Loves for a fruitful and effective ministry.
FEBRUARY 12, 2014
Article By Amber Willis:: EEW Magazine News