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Jordin returns to
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Cora Jakes reveals her pre-marriage purity prayer: ‘Help
me stop giving my body to men’
Article By Dana Johnson // EEW Magazine Purity
Posted June 7, 2017
Photo Courtesy of Cora Jakes Coleman
In 2009, before Bishop T.D. Jakes’ eldest daughter, Cora Jakes Coleman, met her husband, she
was tired of engaging in the sin of fornication with various men, and wanted to change.

In a transparent
Instagram post, the Potter’s House of Dallas children’s ministry director revealed
the purity prayer she said to God prior to meeting and marrying the man of her dreams.

Jakes Coleman said the first words she uttered were these: “God I am not worthy to ask you of
anything. Thank you for having an ear to hear me inspite of what I am guilty of. Thank you for
healing me and accepting me and my mess.”

Admitting she had repeatedly stumbled and fallen in the area of sexual purity, the repentant
preacher’s daughter cried out, “God help me to stop giving my body to men that only value my
body, but not my mind or spirit. Help me to stop falling for my will and not submitting to yours. I just
want to be loved,
really loved. I'm tired of being hurt over and over again.”
Bishop T.D. Jakes officiates daughter Cora's romantic 2011 wedding to Richard Brandon Coleman (Credit:
Though Jakes Coleman, like her younger sister Sarah Jakes Roberts who gave birth at age 14,
grew up under the guidance of one of America’s best-known charismatic preachers, for a season,
the word of God didn’t penetrate her sexual practices throughout singlehood.

But she was ready to walk a new path, one without all the compromise and heartbreak, that would,
in the end, lead to her future husband finding her to be a virtuous, sold-out-for-Christ woman.

“God I'm tired of people betraying me and taking advantage of me,” Jakes Coleman went on.
“Please send me someone to protect me. Help me to submit to you God so that I can be found spirit-
first by the man who is called by you to love me. God cause my spirit to feel peace when I meet him,

According to Jakes Coleman, this purity prayer was the turning point in her love life. The Holy Spirit
shifted her desires from seeking flesh-fulfillment to pursuing a spiritually-strong, committed
relationship with Christ.

“After diligently seeking God and stepping away from my flesh to get connected to my spirit,
suddenly God brought me the most amazing man I have ever known,” said author of Faithing It:
Bringing Purpose Back to Your Life.

On June 4, the founder of
Fertility Faith celebrated her six-year wedding anniversary to Richard
Brandon Coleman, the man she calls her best friend. Today, they are the proud adoptive parents
of two children—daughter, Amauri, and son, Jason.

“He was not perfect, but he was amazing,” wrote the content wife online of the man God chose for
her, giving other singles hope.

“This man of mine, he would become a man that would teach me how to survive our worst of times
with God, and experience our best with God," she said.

Republished from Dianna Hobbs' The New A-list abstinence blog here.
Copyright © 2017-2020 Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
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