Cora Coleman shares fertility battle
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Bishop T.D. Jakes' Daughter Cora Coleman Refuses To Give Up
Hope After In-Vitro Fails Again
Bishop TD Jakes’ daughter, Cora Coleman, at the young age of 26 knows more about loss and pain than some
women twice her age. Yet, she has chosen to use her battle with fertility to encourage others.

In March 2014, Cora announced that her second in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment had failed, devastating her.
“February 17th my husband received the call that my test was negative, and yet again it did not work,” she
wrote in her online journal at

The first hope-dashing negative result came in December 19, 2011—a blow to her belief that she could
overcome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), with which she was diagnosed at 22.

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that impacts 1 out of 15 women, often causing problems with women’s
menstruation cycles, making it difficult to become pregnant. In some cases, small cysts, known as Fibroids, form
on the ovaries.

As if the debilitating condition were not enough, a year later, at 23, she was diagnosed with infertility.

Throughout the process, however, Cora and her husband Richard Brandon have remained diligent, refusing to
give up hope.

In March 2013, the loving couple shared their joy as they became adoptive parents to an “outstanding,
dramatic, beautiful little girl,” Amauri.

Yet, that did not quiet the longing in Cora’s soul to birth a child from her own womb.

“My immediate emotion was sad, and angry. I had received so many prayers, prophecies, and confirmation
signs. I could not believe that it did not work,” she said of her response to the news that IVF was ineffective

But, according to Cora, though crushing, she is determined to channel her heartbreak and use it as fuel for her
ministry as director of the children’s ministry at her father’s mega church, The Potter’s House of Dallas.

“I understand that my fight continues because I need to be able to show you all that you can help people while
fighting, and you can minister while hoping for God to turn things around for you,” she explained.

Her conclusion?

“I have decided to rest. I have decided to surrender, and instead of hoping God’s will matches with my desire I
have asked that my desire match up with God’s will.”
APRIL 3, 2014
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