(EEW Magazine) It is a common practice in many churches across the nation. If you do not pay tithes to a
ministry, at the discretion of the pastor, you could be banned from certain privileges, like being buried there.

This widely accepted policy is precisely what is causing a dust-up at
Fourth Missionary Baptist Church in
Houston, where Walter F. Houston is pastor.

After the death of Barbara Day’s 93-year-old mother Olivia Blair, who had been a member of Houston’s church
for 50 years, the church rejected Day's request to hold her mom's funeral service.


Failure to pay tithes.

“It was like the last insult in the world, there was nothing else that I could do for my mommy but funeralize her in
the church that she loved and worshiped all of her life, even as a little girl,” Day told KIRV. She also explained
that the pastor told her Mrs. Blair “had not paid her dues, and she had not attended the church in recent years.”

The purpose of her absence was not lack of interest. According to her grieving daughter, “For the last two
years, my mother has been in either a nursing home or she’s been in a hospital. And the last few months, she
was in a coma!”

Since the elderly widow was incapacitated and too weak to venture outdoors, the outraged daughter felt that an
exception should have been made in her case.

“There’s no explanation for anybody that has been paying dues for a church that long, for him to make me
have to roll my mother’s body around town, and somebody finally picks her up and says, ‘Yeah, we’ll do the
best we can,’” Day insisted.

“They knew she was ill! They don’t care! All they care about is getting money money money money money!”

She told reporters, “Even retail stores give people more respect than that. I don’t understand why we’ve
become so commercialized with religion! What does this have to do with God? Why can’t I give my mother her
last wish to be funeralized in a church that she loved so much?”

While some have expressed disapproval of the Pastor Houston’s decision, others support his stance, claiming,
if they open the doors to one in that manner, they will have to do it for everyone.

Should the church employ such policies? Is it Christ-like?
Barbara Day
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NOVEMBER 28, 2014
PHOTO CREDIT: Tikal Goldie/via Facebook
Is That Christ-like? Church Refuses to Bury 93-Year-Old Member for
Non-Payment of Tithes [VIDEO]