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Ayesha Curry aims to reduce food waste: ‘I’m committed
to loving food more to waste it less’
Article By Jasmine Hall-Peterson // EEW Magazine
Posted April 20, 2017
Photo: GETTY
With over 16 million children in America struggling with hunger, it’s hard to imagine that 40 percent
of food produced in the U.S. goes to waste, according to official figures released by the
Resources Defense Council.

This is why one of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries’ favorite Christian chefs and
philanthropists, Ayesha Curry, is continuing her great work with
Glad Products by specifically zoning
in on ways to reduce food waste.

In a new
Instagram post, the New York Times best-selling author of The Seasoned Life cookbook
told followers she is “proud” of her collaboration with the company that specializes in trash bags
and plastic food storage containers.

“I’m committed to loving food more to waste it less,” added the wife of Golden State Warriors player
Stephen Curry whose efforts to reduce wastefulness in America is critical.

Did you know that American families throw out approximately 25% of the food and beverages they
buy, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s report?

This has to stop.

"Food represents a small portion of many Americans' budgets, making the financial cost of wasting
food too low to outweigh the convenience of it," the 2012 report—the most recent one released—
says. "This issue of wasted food is simply not on the radar of many Americans, even those who
consider themselves environment- or cost-conscious."

Through her partnership with Glad Products, Curry, 28, is also bringing the first ever Salvage
Supperclub dinner to Los Angeles for Earth Day 2017.

Salvage Supperclub seeks to draw attention to food waste and encourage home cooks to not throw
out less than ideal, yet still edible stuff.

Though it is a sad tragedy that billions of dollars in food is sent to landfills instead of feeding
millions of hungry Americans each year, much-needed initiatives like Curry’s can help halt this trend.

Curry also works with No Kid Hungry, a charity which focuses on making healthy after-school meals
available to kids across the country.
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