Kierra Sheard Opens Up About Cosmetic Surgery
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NIP & TUCK: Reality TV Star Kierra Sheard Opens Up About
Cosmetic Surgery
In 2013, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported over 10 million cosmetic surgical
and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the US. This year, gospel recording artist and reality TV star,
Kierra Sheard, is opening up about her own.

The 26-year-old, who has been transparent about her ongoing struggle with weight, has now gone under the
knife in her quest to reshape her body.

In an interview with Madame Noire, the “Trumpets” singer, who is prepping the release of a new album said of
the slim-down process, “I did it naturally.”

According to her, she followed her doctor’s orders to eliminate carbs and sugars, although, she admitted, “I
hate exercise. That’s a problem.”

But after changing her eating habits, reducing the reading on the scale was not enough. There was a greater
concern for the daughter of Karen Clark Sheard of the Legendary Clark Sisters.

“It’s not a weight loss surgery that I had. It’s a cosmetic surgery and that surgery got rid of the [excess] skin,”
she explained. The dramatic drop in pounds left her with loosely hanging flab she had trouble toning up.

Comparing the skin to “elastic” Sheard made the point that if it becomes too stretched, it eventually won’t snap
back into place.

“So that’s what happened with my body. I stretched it out. I was 300 pounds and wearing 24s and 26 and now I
wear a 16.”
FEBRUARY 14, 2014
Article By Amber Willis:: EEW Magazine News
Though Sheard was vague about exactly what kind of cosmetic surgery she elected to have done, there are
numerous common body-shaping procedures to help women and men get a trimmer, firmer shape. Some opt
for: body contouring or body lift surgery, a tummy tuck, a butt lift, breast lift, or even arm lifts.

“I just got some skin cut off and I made some adjustments,” she said. “The doctor made me think of it really well.
It’s like a broken down house and you just get some things fixed up.”

In April 2013,
EEW Magazine reported on Sheard’s vulnerable interview with Ebony Magazine during which she
shared a family member’s painful commentary about her size.

“Girl, you getting as big as you can be. You need to get some weight off,” said a now deceased uncle in Las
Vegas during Sheard’s visit. She had not seen him in a long time and those were the first words he uttered
upon laying eyes on her.

“That I will never forget,” she said. "I walked out. I cried.”
Kierra Sheard shares a snap of her surgically altered frame on Facebook Feb. 10.