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Jordin returns to
purity lifestyle

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Ciara on benefits
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Yvonne Orji is our hero! Watch as the Christian actress
talks benefits of abstinence [VIDEO]
Article By Lisa Nichols  //  Purity
Posted March 21, 2017
Photo Credit: Michael Rowe Photograph
Her character on HBO’s “Insecure” may be a bit of a hot mess, but the real woman behind Molly is
Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji, whose true character is shaped by God’s word.

The comedian and writer is our hero for her firm biblical stance on abstinence which you can check
out in her new TEDx talk about her decision to wait for marriage to have sex.

“What the wait does is weed out the riff-raff. A lot of people think the wait is actually keeping me
from my Prince Charming,” said the 33-year-old. But she believes it keeps her from linking up with
commitment-phobes—and we say amen to that!

Though waiting admittedly isn’t easy, the comedian and writer stressed that abstinence “sets you
up for quality relationships.”

Instead of caving into lustful desires of the flesh, Orji said, “Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice short-
term comforts to get long-term quality relationships.”

And that means no compromising.

“I can compromise on what movie we see in the movie theater, y’all. I can compromise on whether
we eat Chinese or Indian today,” she said, but when it comes to “a core value,” that isn’t up for

Although Orji is a breakout star who is currently developing a half-hour sitcom based on her life
entitled “First Gen” that Oprah and David Oyelowo are executive producing, her journey isn’t any
easier than the average person’s.

She shared a story about a guy she was seeing for a while who flaked out on her and waited 18
days to text her back.

18 days.

But if you think she’s sulking about that, you’re wrong.

“I don’t get mad if someone doesn’t like me for me,” she said. “You’re just not the one for me.”


As Orji works on her show about a Nigerian girl who trades medical school for a career in stand-up
comedy and the adventures that ensue after her strict African mother discovers her plans, she is
committed to purity, and is encouraging others, too.

“Wait on the one who meets your standards,” she said. “I can’t tell you how long you’re going to
have to wait for this majestic, perfect relationship. But I can tell you that the wait does not

She ended her funny, substantive and well-delivered talk by telling everyone to “Fight the good
fight. Run the race. Keep the faith.”
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