Shame On Tyrese Gibson: Promoting promiscuity and questioning abstinence
In the mind of R&B singer Tyrese Gibson, who says he is a Christian, a suitable wife is one who doesn’t expect

The admittedly promiscuous “Fast & Furious” actor also says abstinence is possibly a way of ensuring a life of
“bad sex” after marriage.

“Am I willing to say I’m not going to touch you and end up signing up for something that could be the worst thing
ever?” Gibson, 36, asked rhetorically during a recent interview on Sway Calloway’s SiriusXM program, Sway in
the Morning.

Despite saying, “I respect the Bible” and “I’m a Christian by faith,” Gibson went on to talk about how his longtime
live-in girlfriend recently left him over his habitual cheating ways.

Still, that hasn’t made him a one-woman-man. He said, “I might end up marrying a woman who will understand
what it is and just say, ‘Baby, look, as long as you make me feel like I’m number one and don’t make another
woman a priority over me, you know, get it out your system. I’m cool. I’m yours.”

In other words, he expressed his need to have flexibility to be sexually intimate with other women outside his

His commentary offended many women of faith who have heard Gibson on Christian programs like The Yolanda
Adams Morning Show and TBN’s Praise the Lord. He also penned a New York Times best-selling book Manology
with faith leader Rev Run.

Prostituting Christian audiences to fill his coffers with revenue, while spewing reckless, anti-Christian and
irresponsible rhetoric in radio interviews, is viewed as shameful.

According to Gibson, expecting faithfulness as the Bible (he supposedly respects) prescribes, is unrealistic.

He said, “I think you have to be in a relationship with what I consider a realist that would say, ‘I know what’s
happening out here. I’m not gullible, I’m not green. But go on, live your life. Get a few things out your system, but
don’t bring nothing home. Don’t have no babies out there and keep it as clean as you can.”

Is that what a Christian man who respects the Bible should say?


To add insult to injury, he decided to give an impromptu Bible lesson in the middle of all his foolishness.

“Cheating isn’t recognized in the Bible until after you’re married, because you’re not even supposed to be having
sex prior to marriage,” explained Gibson—acknowledging a biblical principle he readily breaks.

In all of his nonsensical and immoral ranting, he got one thing right: premarital sex, also known as fornication, is

Too bad Mr. Gibson is more interested in talking about biblical principles than walking them.

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Shame On Tyrese: Claims Christianity, Promotes Promiscuity,
Undermines Abstinence
APRIL 6, 2015
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Article By Dawn Adams/ Photo Credit: GETTY