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Taffi Dollar addresses shifting roles of women and men in
her new book  
Article By Candice Elderidge // Spiritual
Posted March 10, 2017
Taffi Dollar, first lady of World Changers Church International, is addressing the shifting roles of
men and women in the 21st century in her new book,
Gender Roles: A Grace-Based Perspective.

The College Park, Georgia-based leader believes the two sexes can navigate the transition by
accepting that role reversals are a natural part of societal change and nothing to be feared.

“We can clearly see that the roles of American men and women have changed over time,” writes
the leader of the Radical Women's Ministry at her home church in her new book. “Women are now
doing many of the jobs and holding positions in society that men used to dominate, while men are in
roles that were once only designated to women.”

And that’s okay, she says.

Set to be released at Dollar’s Radical Revolution Women's Conference kicking off Friday, March
17, in
Gender Roles, the wife of mega church pastor Creflo Dollar expounds upon God's original
intent for mankind and the definition, and purpose of biblical equality—a message she believes is
necessary for people today.

These days, she points out, “A woman may work outside of the home, while her husband is at home
caring for the children. Additionally, many women are earning much higher salaries than their
husband and are considered the breadwinner of the family.”

She continues, “Many women are running their own businesses and are in leadership roles in their
communities. Does it mean these women are outside of God’s will for their lives? No. There is
nothing wrong with married couples working together as partners to accomplish a mutual goal.”

Those who are uncomfortable with certain dynamics the reversal of male-female roles in the
workplace and business have led to, will find Dollar’s support for the evolution challenging.

However, the Bible teacher assures readers that the changes don’t have to upset the balance of
God’s biblical design for women and men, or the sacred institution of marriage.

“I believe when it comes to marriage, that we should not get away from God’s original intent, which
is partnership. Many times, we get into strife and division because we value other people’s opinions
and society’s norms more than God’s purposes and plans,” she writes.

“I believe God wants us to decide what works best for our individual households. He has given us
the leadership of the Holy Spirit to help guide us through the situations we face today—the
upgrades in technology, the media’s heavy influence, and the wicked ways and views of the world. If
we fail to listen to His leading, then selfness will crop up and cause division in our families,” Dollar

To pre-order her new book
Gender Roles, visit
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