DeVon Franklin
APRIL 16, 2015
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DeVon Franklin Talks Salary Inequality For Women, Says ‘Be Your #1

Article By News Staff/Religion News Wire/ Photo Credit: Reuters/Allison Shelley

Full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns according to the federal government.

In a discussion about salary inequality, Columbia Pictures executive turned entrepreneur, DeVon Franklin, 37, advised
women to be their #1 advocate for fair compensation.

During an appearance on
The Meredith Vieira Show, he said, “If you’re going in for the job, no matter what position it is,
doing the research, knowing what that job—that market value of the job—goes for” is a must.

For those wondering how to find that information, Franklin said “Google is a huge resource,” with its host of rich articles
and expert information in the public domain.

The under-forty exec managed to climb all the way up to senior vice president of production at Columbia Pictures
before inking a deal with Sony to launch his own production company called Franklin Entertainment.

One of his go-to strategies for ensuring he didn’t get the shaft was to “call other industry professionals,” he said.

“When I was climbing the ranks of the entertainment industry on the executive side, I called people” and asked, “'How
much for this position? What do you think I should ask for, for this?'”

After getting the answers he sought, Franklin said, “Then I assessed my value based upon the position and I go and I
know what to ask for, because if I don’t do my research, I go in and the person who’s doing the hiring has all the cards.”

He added, “So I think you have to be your #1 advocate for yourself.”

Following up on Franklin’s advice, host Vieira said, “We’re still conditioned as women to think we have to prove our
worth. We’ve proved our worth,” she said.

“It’s done.”