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Money does not equal happiness: Michelle Williams talks
mental health at Liberty University [VIDEO]
Article By Olivia Mann // EEW Magazine Mental Health
Posted October 10, 2017
For those who think money, power and success is a cure-all for depression, they aren't says
Christian singer and Broadway star Michelle Williams.

The true measure of happiness is the strength of one's relationship with God and the quality of
professional help received when battling mental health issues.

Despite selling millions of records, going on sold-out tours, and being a member of one of the
most successful R&B girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child, the songstress says, “I still had some
sadness and some wounds that needed to be dealt with.”

The 37-year-old mental health advocate, who was invited to speak and perform at Liberty
University’s 2017 Convocation Monday, Oct. 9, opened up about her battle with depression,
telling attendees, “People think money equates to happiness, right? Sometimes money and
success can only magnify that troubled soul [or] that wounded soul.”

Sadly, for the Grammy-winning “Say Yes” vocalist, in the early 2000’s when she became aware
that her prolonged sadness went beyond an ordinary case of the blues, her management
convinced her that her fruitful career should be enough to bring her to a happy place.

“I remember telling someone, my manager at the time… I said, ‘Hey, I think I’m depressed.’ And
he was like, ‘No, y’all just signed a multi-million dollar deal, y’all are about to go on tour, and I was
like, ‘Oh, you’re right.’”

Williams now knows he wasn’t.

“Don’t let anybody tell you because you’re sad, you’re not grateful,” she stressed. “It’s just that I
didn’t know what name to put on how I was feeling at the time, because there were some hurts
and stuff from childhood that I didn’t know how to process, that I didn’t know how to get over.”

Being materially rich did not calm the raging storm inside Williams and it cannot do so for anyone

“When you hear a lot about a lot of successful people [being] sad, depressed, or possibly taking
their life, that’s really major,” she told the audience.
Michelle Williams leads worship at Liberty University Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 (Photo Credit: Liberty University)
“When you’re feeling kind of sad for days, weeks and it goes into months, and some people
years, go get the help you need," she continued.

According to the multi-talented celebrity, who showed off both the humorous and serious sides of
her personality, she got a handle on her depression by blending “prayer and a little bit of

Williams’ honest chat about depression came days after “Mental Health Awareness Week,” that
went on from October 1st-7th. Prior to her Liberty appearance, The Association of Mental Health
and Wellness selected her to share her testimony at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood,

While in New York she said, “I had people to raise their hands [so I could take a survey] of how
many people were suffering with depression, and so many people raised their hands, because I
wanted a person to know that she wasn’t alone,” Williams said.

See the engaging interview below.

Perhaps you are where Michelle Williams once was and you have a dark cloud of depression
hovering over your head. If so, there is help for you in Christ. Let our intercessory prayer team
intercede for you.
Click here to request prayer!
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