TD Jakes and Marvin Sapp stalkers
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TD Jakes & Marvin Sapp’s Stalkers: The Case For Entourages and
Security Teams
Whether they seek fame or not, once pastors reach a certain status, they become celebrities. Sometimes, right
along with the celebrity life come stalkers. Just ask Pastor Marvin Sapp and Bishop TD Jakes.

Both high profile leaders have made headlines this year for run-ins with women super-fans that did not know
how to keep a healthy distance from the preachers’ families.

Sapp was granted a personal protection order against a currently missing woman, Dr. Teleka Patrick, who
believed she was his wife, went to his home and made contact with the 46-year-old widower’s children.

Jakes, 56, has had a temporary restraining order extended against former church member turned stalker,
Karleisha Tarver. He is currently suing the unstable woman who has pursued him for the past three years.

According to
Dallas News, Tarver has made unwelcome visits to Jakes’ home several times, and once
reportedly tried to hit a security officer with her car. She has since been ordered not to come within 500 feet of
Jakes, his family and employees.

According to Tarrant County criminal court records, Tarver was convicted of criminal trespass in 2012 and was
sentenced to 15 days in jail, reports Dallas News. Jakes’ lawsuit says she was also sentenced to a mental
institution for six months in 2012.

In light of these disturbing events, it is worth noting that some pastors don’t need entourages, but others, like
Sapp and Jakes, perhaps, do.

One of the most pervasive arguments against men of God that employ a team to travel with them everywhere is
“they only have all those people around them to make them
feel important.”

But upon close examination of instances like the ones Sapp and Jakes are facing, it may be better to conclude
some of the leaders “have all those people around them because they
are important.”

When millions of souls are reached by a gospel singer, Bible teacher, or evangelist, inevitably, throngs of
followers and supporters flock to their ministry.

Among the numerous healthy individuals, unfortunately, are mentally disturbed people as well.

It seems that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Many remember the highly publicized incident in 2005 when the late Pastor Billie Joe Daugherty was punched in
the face twice by an assailant, 50-year-old Steven Wayne Rogers, during the altar call.

The impact of the blow left the leader with a deep cut above his left eye, which required two stitches. Daugherty
did not press charges.

Sapp and Jakes, however, are not taking any chances.

They both have opted to secure their protection by maximizing the assistance available to them through the
justice system.

Really, can you blame them?
FEBRUARY 18, 2014
Article By Kay Hudson:: EEW Magazine News