Jonathan McReynold's
APRIL 17, 2015
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Jonathan McReynolds Talks Balancing Ministry & Music: ‘There's
Tons Of External And Internal Pressures’

Article By Bill Winters/Photo Credit: GETTY

In a day when an increasing number of Gospel artists are tarnishing their image on reality TV to maintain popularity,
recording artist Jonathan McReynolds is mindful of the messages he sends.

The 25-year-old, who is set to earn his Master's in Applied Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute on May 16th, is opening
up about honoring God with his choices.

“Gospel artists have to do something that secular artists don't always have to do and that's kind of abide by and reflect a certain
set of values and morals,” said McReynolds during a
Christian Post interview.

“So everything that we do, every decision that we make, every picture that we take has a different weight on it. It's always
interesting in balancing being an artist, but being a minister as well.”

The gifted singer, songwriter and musician, just released his newest single “Pressure,” which shot to #2 on iTunes. The lyrics of
the song both acknowledges and weighs the pressure of society against the desire for spiritual discipline and authenticity.

“There's tons of external and internal pressures that we deal with, but live for God and you'll be alright,” McReynolds said.

At a young age, he seems rooted in his divine purpose and determined to glorify God with is life.

The Chicago native recently returned from a ministry trip to the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola along with Ruth
Graham, daughter of famed evangelist, Billy Graham. “It was an incredible experience to see the transformation that God's
presence can have firsthand in what people think is the lowest part of society,” McReynolds said.

“It was just incredible.”

Watch his live performance video of the new single “Pressure” below.