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Survey: 95% of faith-driven consumers will skip ‘Beauty
and the Beast’ over gay moment
Article By EEW Magazine News  // Faith + Culture
Posted March 17, 2017
Credit: The Walt Disney Company
Beauty and the Beast opens nationwide March 17, but according to a new report, many Christians
will skip the film due to the inclusion of “an exclusively gay moment.”

The survey, conducted by
Faith Driven Consumer™, representing 41 million Americans who spend
$2 trillion annually, found that a whopping 95% of those surveyed are “less likely” to watch.

"Disney's decision to celebrate LGBT individuals with an '
exclusively gay moment' in Beauty and the
is a testament to the LGBT community's success in advocating for and achieving high-profile
recognition of their worldview," said Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer.

"Faith Driven Consumers understand the LGBT community's goal for inclusion by Hollywood and
Corporate America. For FDCs this is not homophobia or bigotry. There are many complex realities
in the world that Faith Driven Consumers simply do not wish to have addressed with their children
via entertainment, especially in a family movie,” he added.

The statistics, taken from an online survey of 6,700 individuals in the FDC community, additionally
found that:

    94% of Faith Driven Consumers are now less likely to spend money with Disney as a whole.

    58% think the primary motivation behind Disney's decision to include an "exclusively gay
    moment" in Beauty and the Beast is "to normalize homosexuality."

    19% think the motivation is "to be intentionally inclusive of LGBT people."

    15% say the motivation is “to reject biblical Christian values regarding homosexuality."

    3% believe this has been done "to accommodate LGBT employees at Disney" and "to
    accurately reflect real-world diversity."

    87% of Faith Driven Consumers feel that Disney is not equally inclusive of Christians with
    biblically-based values. Only 4% believe Disney is equally inclusive of this community.

“Beauty and the Beast—previously an acceptable family film—is now being used, as its director
proudly revealed, to promote a message that is in conflict with deeply held tenets of Faith Driven
Consumers' religious beliefs,” said Stone in a statement obtained by EEW Magazine.

He believes that, because of this, the film will greatly suffer at the box office.

Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC) has earned wide recognition for its ground-breaking (FEI), which scores more than 500 major brands for compatibility with the
FDC community, and also for its Faith-Friendly Film Review entertainment rating system, a key
resource for audiences and entertainment industry leaders alike.

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