I went into cardiac arrest after what should have been a fairly routine surgical procedure. I almost
died, literally. After the surgery to prepare my broken wrist was complete, doctors said I woke up
crying out in pain and my body suddenly began going into shock. Although I could barely see, I could
clearly hear a nurse saying, "Calm down. You're going into shock. I need you to calm down and

I tried to breathe. I tried so hard. But I could feel my breath leaving my body. "God please don't let
me die," I pleaded. I knew something was wrong. I could feel it. I saw the faces of my four children
flash before me. And then, I heard myself take three final shallow breaths.

After that, my heart rate shot up to 180 beats per minute--a normal heart rate is only 80 beats per
minute. We had a serious problem.

When I reflect back on it all, I still don't know why I could hear everything that was going on. It was
almost like an out-of-body experience. When a frantic voice shouted out "We've got a Code Blue!" I
remember thinking (even while I was supposedly unconscious) "I know they can't be talking about

Then...everything went black. I could no longer hear.

But, they were, in fact, talking about Mrs. Dianna Hobbs. They were preparing to roll my bed out into
another room where they could shock my heart with the defibrillator. But they never got the
opportunity to do it, because God intervened, restored my breathing, and regulated my heartbeat.

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and through blurred vision, seeing a pair of distraught
eyes looking back at me. A nurse, who was tightly clasping my right hand as I fought to maintain
consciousness, begged me to breathe and stay awake.

But my eyes and whole body seemed so heavy. I drifted in and out.

Desperate to keep me from slipping away again, my doctors did all they could to keep me from falling
asleep. It was much too dangerous. So finally, they called my sweet husband Kenya. I was ecstatic to
see him! I wanted to talk to him, but couldn't form the words. His face brought me comfort, yet I
struggled to set my gaze upon him through weary eyes. I could hear his strong  and gentle voice
saying, "Baby, it's me. You've gotta wake up honey." He stroked my head tenderly, telling me he
wanted me  to go home so I could be with him and our children. I wanted the same thing, but yet,
Kenya's words did nothing to jolt me out of my sleepy haze. In fact, the nurses eventually asked him
to leave, fearing that the touch of the man I love so deeply, was far too soothing.

My husband and best friend brought me serenity and relaxation, the opposite of what the doctors

Nothing they tried was effective. But God, who is able to do all things, suddenly snapped me out of
my drug-induced stupor.

When I finally came to myself, my limp body was resting on a nurse who was trying her best to prop
me up on my feet. Her words, which sounded muffled at first, slowly formed cohesive sentences in
my ears.

"Come on Mrs. Hobbs, stand up," she said with her arms wrapped around my waist. "It's no use. She's
out," I heard my nurse tell her colleague in a dejected tone before realizing I was really awake this
time. It took me about an hour after that to fully regain my composure and stabilize enough to learn
what had taken place.

Apparently, the nurses had  pumped me with far too many narcotics in an effort to ease my post-op
pain. My body just couldn't take it. For a full five minutes, they lost me. "You gave us quite the
scare," the nurses told me. "You should have seen all the doctors surrounding your bed!"

What they didn't know is that the angels of the Lord were also there encamped round about me,
otherwise you could be reading my obituary rather than my testimony.

Once I left the hospital, I had no idea how difficult my recovery would be. I was so weak after nearly
dying. I couldn't walk or eat. On top of that, I was allergic to my pain medication and broke out in
hives everywhere. The doctors changed my medication five times, but never found anything that
didn't cause complications. The medication designed to help me made me sicker and sicker. For
weeks I was unable to care for myself. My strength was so depleted, some days I could do nothing but
lie in bed and stare blankly.

In the wee hours of the morning, when the pain and sickness felt unbearable, I would cry and cry.
Helpless and hurting, with no relief in sight, I sincerely felt forsaken. Though Kenya would hold me
and pray for me, he could not take away my pain.

But God kept me.

And He's continually keeping me as I grow stronger daily.

I thank God for sparing my life. And I intend to spend it serving Him with every fiber of my being. At
this moment, I encourage you to make the following declaration with me: "My life will not be just
another sad story, but a manifestation of God's glory!"

If you need prayer for a situation you're facing in your own life, don't hesitate to request it now. God
hears our petitions and answers us when we call. He's hear and waiting to answer
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