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God Still Works Miracles: Dianna Hobbs healed at '50
Women Praying' prayer service [WATCH]
Article By EEW Magazine Gospel News
Posted March 28, 2017
Evangelist Dianna Hobbs, Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, received her healing at a prayer service at
Covenant of Grace Ministries in Niagara Falls, NY on Sunday, March 26, 2017
Dianna Hobbs, Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, was so weak on Sunday,
March 26th during the “50 Women Praying” prayer service in her honor, she had to be carried in
by her husband Kenya Hobbs.

While Hobbs was crying, feeble, in pain and too weak to bear her own weight, women were
believing for a miracle at the Western NY event and worldwide. And God met their expectation.

“God did it! He healed my body,” wrote Hobbs, 40, in an ecstatic early morning
Facebook post
Monday, at 1:40 AM, adding, “To God be the glory! I am a puddle of tears!!!”

The inspirational leader, who is a Top 100 Blogger and one of the “70 Most Influential Christian
History Makers” according to Black Christian News Network, saw her health take a turn for the
worst last year after  two separate and aggressive
autoimmune diseases, as well as a tumor
left her sickened, immobile and in crippling pain.

But the worst is over.

Hobbs tells what happened the night of the “50 Women Praying” in her own words:

    I was so weak and sick last night, I could hardly get dressed. I couldn't get all dolled up. I
    just had to make it to the house of God. I pressed. I knew the glory of the Lord would fall at
    the “50 Women Praying” service. The Lord promised me He would heal me. Yet, I felt like I
    couldn't get there.

    I was too afflicted in my body. It was getting late. Time was ticking away. And there I was,
    stuck in my hotel room with my whole body trembling. I was sick to my stomach. But my
    husband Kenya, thank God for Him, carried me into the sanctuary, so I could make it in! I
    was sobbing, in pain. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk above a whisper and was hurting.

    But the women of God interceded for me, despite what it looked like, and GOD showed up.
    Even though doctors said my disease was aggressive, progressive and incurable, and all
    the strength that my degenerated bones and joints had lost couldn't be restored, God said
    something else. They told me I would be in pain forever, but God said not so.

    When the women of God laid hands on me and cried out to the Lord, suddenly, it felt like
    electricity hit my body. The fire of God went through me. Next thing I knew, my legs began
    to work. Strength returned to them. I was running, jumping, shouting and praising God. My
    voice suddenly came back.

    Thank God my brother, Bishop Joseph Brinson Jr. captured a moment after the miracle
    happened. This is when I began to tell the saints what had occurred. I’m so excited about
    what the Lord has done! To GOD be the glory.

    Watch this & believe that miracles do happen. God is yet able to do the impossible. When
    the saints consecrated themselves, fasted, prayed, believed, sent up authentic worship
    and interceded, God showed up and the result was my miracle. I am still wrecked and a
    mess of tears. I woke up today feeling strong. The first thing I did was hop out of the bed
    and jumped up and down on my NEW, healed, strong, pain-free legs. And I'm still shouting
    "To God be the glory!"

    I am GRATEFUL and God is FAITHFUL!
In another video, Hobbs gives viewers an intimate look into her thoughts as she describes her
feelings the evening of the service. As she discusses what happened that night while chatting
with her parents, the younger sister of the best-selling author and Evangelist captured the
moment on Facebook Live, which is available for viewing.
For six months Hobbs battled chronic pain, respiratory issues, heart problems, bowel
complications, mobility issues, migraine headaches and more due to her bout with an aggressive
form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Her conditions made it impossible to fully project
her voice, essentially shutting her speaking and singing ministry down.

But all that is behind the women's ministry leader and popular podcaster now that healing has
taken place in her body.

To rejoice with Hobbs, leave a comment beneath either one of the videos on her
Facebook page here.

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team to stand in faith with you.
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