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Here’s a quick tip from the media expert:
“When God says go do something, get busy.
You don’t have to have the know-how. Just ask
for wisdom and insight related to the specific
area of focus He has assigned you to, and
God will order your steps.”

Even with the Holy Spirit’s leading, Dianna
says she and her team felt overwhelmed at
times trying to learn how to work with graphic
design programs and web development
software, while at the same time familiarizing
themselves with SEO, CMS, CSS and HTML
coding, and a host of other processes and

“It was a crazy, uncertain time for us but we all
believed—and still do—that when you accept
God’s challenge and put your hands to work,
He stretches out
His hand to work. And when
God works, things happen,” Dianna says.

She believes that “putting your hands in God’s
hands makes things succeed.”

Walking in uncharted territory felt intimidating
Dianna says. However, she adds, “once we
stopped focusing on how insurmountable the
obstacles in front of us were and focused our
attention on how big the God above us is,
everything changed. It was incredible how fast
things started coming together for us. We
knew that God was up to something big. He
took a team of novices and developed us into
award-winning online specialists for his glory.”
CT scans and x-rays revealed that her bones
and joints were eroding away and the damage
was irreversible. She had breathing issues,
cardiac trouble, chronic hypertension and a
crippled digestive system that left her barely
able to eat, sent her back and forth to the
emergency room, and left her hospitalized in
bad shape.

Kenya, her faithful husband of nearly 20 years,
never left her side during the traumatic ordeal.
He acted as the primary caregiver, though he
could do very little to comfort Dianna.

“As a mother who gave birth to four healthy
children, I know what it means to hurt. I
understand pain. But the nerve, bone and joint
pain I went through made labor pains feel like
child’s play,” she says. “I hurt in some places
and in some ways I didn’t know I could. It just
wouldn’t let up. I would yell out in agony in the
middle of the night,” she recalls.

“Before being diagnosed and treated, I would
break out in cold sweats from the agony. My
pajamas, sheets and pillow cases would be
soaked through. I would tell my husband
Kenya tearfully,
‘I can feel something eating
away at me inside, but I don’t know what it is.
Doctors are overlooking something. There’s
something really wrong with me'," says Dianna.
And he would just hold me and do whatever
he could. Chronic pain, crazy side effects from
drugs and one negative report after another,
took a toll on my body, mind and spirit. I was
miserable. Some days, death seemed

Dianna’s team of doctors and specialists didn’t
know what to do. For a time, they thought she
had cancer, but couldn’t find it. Even when a
tumor was discovered, once Dianna had it
surgically removed and biopsied, it turned out
to be benign. All the tests for known diseases
came back negative. When Dianna’s
conditions were finally identified, it was too
late. No treatment could be found to reverse
the damage already done by her

To make matters even worse, her body and
pain was unresponsive to even the most
advanced drugs, strongest steroids and latest
medical treatments.

Earlier this year, after receiving nothing but
grim reports, Dianna’s team decided it was
time to tell the public what was going on and
why the well-loved leader had not posted any
inspirational writings, and podcasts on the
Internet in a long time. Once the news was
released, it spread like wildfire. The diversity of
Dianna’s constituency and the impact of her
ministry was put on full display. Faith-filled
Christians of different ethnicities, races,
denominations and cultures came together,
both online and in person, to rally around the
well-loved inspirational leader.

In Western New York, on March 26, 2017,
during a prayer service, her life changed.

“It is a night I will never forget. My sister
Cherisse had told me prophetically that, God
said, if I could get to my brother’s church and
be in the worship there, the Lord would heal
me. Well, the prayer service, organized by my
sister-in-law Bertha Brinson and longtime
family friend, Wynetta Hall McElveen, and my
ministry team, was held at Covenant of Grace
Fellowship International in Niagara Falls. The
pastor there is Bishop Joseph Brinson, Jr., who
also happens to be my brother,” Dianna

“Intercessors, all wearing white, banded
together, touched and agreed for my healing. I
was carried into the sanctuary by my husband
Kenya, crying. By the time the service was
over, I ran out, rejoicing. God healed me and
all the function of my limbs doctors said was
gone forever, has been restored. All my tests
have been repeated and there is no trace of
inflammation or any disease in my body. God
did it!” she rejoices.

“The '50 Women Praying' service is what that
event was called. Now that I'm healed, we're
holding another one on November 5th, so
others can receive
their healing,” she says.

Since the miraculous turnaround in her life,
Dianna has picked up more new
responsibilities. She now adds the title “First
Lady” to her many roles, as she happily serves
alongside her husband Kenya who is Executive
Pastor of Evangelistic Temple Church of God
In Christ, an urban startup ministry in the heart
of Buffalo’s inner city.

Both work under the leadership of Dianna’s 82-
year-old father, Bishop Joseph Brinson, Sr.,
Senior Pastor and her mom, Mother Annie

As the multi-faceted Evangelist, who is once
again preaching and ministering freely,
celebrates this milestone 10th Anniversary of
EEW, she does so with more gratefulness in
her heart than ever. Dianna says she's
grateful that she continued through those
challenging start up years and didn’t stop
believing during her most recent challenges.

As she looks ahead, Dianna and her team plan
to continue the great work God birthed a
decade ago. The work with RAINN, The Rape,
Abuse & Incest National Network, the largest
anti-sexual assault organization in the United
States, will go on. Dianna, who is a sexual
assault survivor, launched the “No More
Secrets” national campaign which creates a
safe place for other survivors to break that wall
of silence, get free and help free others.

She will keep up her efforts to help singles
date and wait God’s way as a national
abstinence advocate, who penned the indie
best-seller, T
he New A-List: Abstinence Makes
the Heart Grow Fonder.
Today, many
churches use the book in their youth and
women’s ministries with life-transforming

In addition to these initiatives, EEW Magazine
will remain a champion of the humanitarian
relief efforts of organizations like Soles4Souls,
Inc., the American Red Cross, World Vision
and more.

“We just want to carry out the mission of Jesus
Christ. When He walked the earth, He gave
special attention to the broken,
disenfranchised, marginalized and
overlooked,” says Dianna, who explains that
“EEW Magazine falls under the umbrella of
Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc.,
a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) urban Christian
evangelism ministry.”

Her passion to be like Christ has helped
Dianna and her core team strengthen the faith
of believers and save the souls of the lost
through the life-giving power of Christ over the
last decade.

“We want to have an even greater impact for
the Kingdom of God over the next 10 years,”
she says. With her focus, determination and
passion for the things of God, the future is
blindingly bright for the healthy and whole
leader, and the dedicated team with her.

In celebration of EEW Magazine’s 10-year
anniversary and in support of Empowering
Everyday Women Ministries’ mission to reach
the lost, and help the hurting,
donate to the
Kingdom-building efforts.
Unbreakable: It’s the perfect word to describe
the faith and will of Dianna Hobbs, the 5’1”
force behind EEW Magazine, whose small
physical stature belies her Kingdom stature.
The award-winning Christian web publisher
with the indomitable spirit, meaning
to subdue or defeat,
has a God-sized vision
that is impacting people globally 10 years after
its launch.

This is a truly remarkable feat in a day and
time when magazines, both digital and
(especially) print, are dying off.

Over the last decade, what is it that has kept
over a million readers of EEW and Dianna’s
Your Daily Cup of Inspiration” blog, coming to
her sites? How is it that the 40-year-old
Buffalo, NY native has been named one of
Top 100 bloggers for women of faith
alongside other Christian Bible teachers like
Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore?

If you ask the entrepreneur who has global
brands like CNN, BET, McDonalds, Lionsgate,
Verizon and many more, beating a path to her
door for partnerships, she’ll quickly give you
two things responsible for her success: God’s
grace and favor.

“It’s all God. I didn’t enter this field with any
intentions, except to obey Him. That’s it. To be
frank, I wasn’t lobbying or campaigning for this.
I didn’t feel qualified for media. It seemed like
God had chosen the wrong person for the
task,” says Dianna. “All the accolades, open
doors and opportunities took me by complete

Dianna advises other visionaries not to “chase
stuff,” but rather, to “pursue God. Seek only to
obey and glorify Him. Everything else will

One of Dianna’s favorite Bible verses is
Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of
God, and his righteousness; all these things
shall be added unto you.”

“I don’t worry about the things,” Dianna says.
“Whatever things I get, well, that’s up to God.
But there is one thing I seek and that’s to do
the will of the Lord.”

That single-minded focus has worked wonders
for the growth of EEW. The magazine began
very humbly as an outgrowth of a bi-weekly
newsletter that started in 2004 called
Paradigms and Principles. At the time, Dianna
and her husband Kenya, who wed in 1998,
were running a small consulting firm called
Training for Reigning Consulting Services. The
two worked collaboratively with ministry leaders
and not-for-profit executives to develop
organizational strategies.

The powerhouse couple is still working
together, not just abroad, but locally as well.
Due to their impact in the Buffalo area, The
Honorable Byron W. Brown, the mayor of the
city of Buffalo, named them
Family of the Year
acknowledging them as beacons of light in
their community and beyond.

Looking in retrospect, the small beginnings of
Paradigms and Principles, which had a grand
total of 8 subscribers at launch, didn’t look that

“Who knew? Other than God, who
could know
what it would blossom into? I mean, it wasn’t
fancy. I promise it wasn’t. The newsletter was
simply an expression of my thoughts and ideas
about business, ministry, purpose and
whatever else I felt led by God to share. It was
distributed as a PDF article attached to an
email that I designed myself with my limited
skills,” explains Dianna.

God knew His plans and He also knew He
could trust Dianna to carry them out, no matter
how hard it was. In the early days, Dianna says
the first half of Zechariah 4:10 helped her
when she felt like giving up. It says, “Do not
despise these small beginnings, for the LORD
rejoices to see the work begin…”

Over the next 2 years, the subscription list
continued to grow and the small staff kept
improving upon the newsletter. “I had been
writing and designing the newsletter, and had
gotten comfortable. I was so excited people
were genuinely helped by the insights that
were shared. Then God kicked me completely
out of my comfort zone by kicking things up a
notch,” Dianna says.

He revealed to the daughter of a preacher,
who grew up in church singing and teaching
Sunday School, that
Paradigms and Principles
was simply a tool He used to prepare her for
the next step in ministry.

The willing worker who graduated with a
degree in English, admits she didn’t feel
prepared when God began dealing with her
about the absence of the black Christian
woman’s perspective from the Internet.
Kenya and Dianna Hobbs, who wed in 1998, are the proud
parents of four children and accepted a role as Pastor and
First Lady earlier this year. They serve the vision of
Evangelistic Temple in Buffalo (Photo Credit: 716 Pics)
Dianna's story of rising from the bottom to
become one of the most influential leaders in
the web publishing space today resonates with
young and old alike. She shows the world that
obedience to God, lots of hard work, prayer,
and the help of a stalwart team, can propel
anyone to high heights.

She has had her fair share of the lowest of
lows, too.

Last year, she went from traveling across the
nation preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ,
being called upon by networks like PBS and
NBC to provide commentary on panels, to lying
flat on her back, writhing in pain, wondering
what had gone wrong in her body.

It’s just a memory now, albeit a fresh one.

“I was sitting on my bed in my room, just the
other day, crying my eyes out, thinking about
my healing, how good I feel in my body and
how God gave me my life back after doctors
gave up on me,” reminisces Dianna.

While recounting the emotional moment, the
friendly, down-to-earth entrepreneur, who can
connect with CEOs in a boardroom just as well
as she can with believers in a packed
sanctuary, seemed momentarily at a loss for
words to describe what she was feeling inside.
Dianna was in and out of the hospital with serious
With a pensive, faraway look, as if her mind
was no longer in the room, the autoimmune
disease survivor says, “God amazes me with
His goodness!”

The sought-after national speaker with an
easy-going way about her, without a hint of
pretense, easily makes others forget she is
such a highly respected media maven. Her
youthful appearance also makes you forget
she’s 40. Furthermore, her energy makes you
forget that approximately four months ago, she
was on multiple medications and was being
told by specialists she could no longer be
helped, and the best she could hope for was to
be kept comfortable with strong drugs.

“That was devastating news for me. I couldn’t
believe my specialists were giving up on me
just like that, just nonchalantly and matter-of-
factly. They washed their hands of me. It felt so
final,” she continues. “If I didn’t have strong
faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ, I
would have felt utterly hopeless. But I know in
whom I believe.”

While Dianna describes the pain she suffered
during the course of her battle with two
aggressive, incurable autoimmune diseases—
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia—the
tears forming in her eyes quickly made their
journey down her cheeks. “I wish I could help
others understand how grateful I am,” she
says. “I know He didn’t have to heal me.”

According to the
American Autoimmune
Related Diseases Association, about 50 million
Americans have one of 100 known
autoimmune diseases, which cause the body
to mistakenly attack itself. Most don’t get well.
These painful and often fatal sicknesses are
among the Top 10 killers, which take, on
average, 3-5 years to correctly diagnose.

Many have succumbed without ever knowing
what snuffed out their lives. At her most critical
times, Dianna says it felt like her life was
slipping away.

“2016 and the beginning of 2017 was, by far,
the most trying time of my life to date,” says
Dianna. “There were days I felt like I was
literally going to die, like my husband Kenya
and our four beautiful children Kyla, Kaiah,
Kedar and Kaleb, would have to go on without
me, but God said no.”

For a while, the word
no seemed like the
answer to the question,
will I ever be well

Dianna’s health challenges have been well-
“He told me it wasn’t good enough for women
of color to be represented if our Christian faith
was not consistently respected and upheld as
truth by the magazines and websites black
Christian women supported,” she says.

“That’s when God challenged me to convert
Paradigms and Principles newsletter into
an online magazine called
Everyday Women
online magazine," she adds.

That seems all well and good except for two
small problems: Dianna didn’t know the first
thing about building an online magazine and
neither did anyone else on her team.

The proficient blogger didn’t even know what a
was at the time!

But she was about to learn firsthand that when
God gives a vision, He also gives provision.
Whom He calls, He equips.

“My husband Kenya went online and started
purchasing all these programs that none of us
knew anything about, so that we could begin
building the vision that God had given to us,"
she tells the story.

"I was terrified about actually building a website
for the magazine, but a funny thing happened:
The team and I started playing around with the
software and figuring out how to do little things.
As I put my hand toward doing what God called
me to do, the Holy Spirit began downloading
concepts and ideas for the online magazine,”
remembers Dianna.  
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Dianna Hobbs is one of America’s most inspirational leaders. Her journey to building a strong Christian media
empire has not been easy, but God has kept her through struggles. Now the influential ministry leader is sharing
her comeback story after falling ill in 2016 and inspiring you to trust God to birth and grow your vision.