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145,000 children will lose aid as Christian charity
Compassion International is forced out of India
Article By EEW Magazine News Editors
Posted March 9, 2017
Credit: Compassion International
Four-star rated Christian charity organization, Compassion International, is being forced out of India
and will cease its operations there on March 15.

The Colorado-based organization, which is accused of engaging in religious conversion—
something the leadership vehemently denies—is shutting down 589 Indian-staffed development
centers, which help in excess of 145,000 children.

The ministry organization that has spent 48 years operating in the country dating all the way back
to 1969, funnels roughly $45 million into India annually, which is more than any other charity.

It is also worth noting that 30 percent of the 400 million children in India live in extreme poverty,
which is why the shut-down is a major loss.

According to a
New York Times report, India is cracking down and curtailing the flow of foreign
money when activity is detected that the government deems “detrimental to the national interest.”

While Compassion executives have denied what the government has asserted regarding its internal
practices, they say they have not been given any formal opportunity to refute the claim.

Last February, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs added Compassion to the list of organizations
needing prior approval before transferring funds into the country. They never received that

Organization chief executive Santiago Mellado told
Christianity Today that thanks to the 2011
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the government can regulate any non-government
organization it disagrees with philosophically.

More than 11,000 non-governmental organizations have lost their licenses to accept foreign funds
since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014, reported the New York Times.

Beginning Friday, sponsors of children from India will be contacted by Compassion representatives
and asked to transfer their sponsorship to children from other countries.

In 2015, Compassion also ranked 14th on Forbes’ 50 Largest U.S. Charities list; number 22 on The
Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Philanthropy 400 list; and 25th on the NonProfit Times’ Top 100 list.

If you would like to donate to Compassion International and support their mission to help the
click here.
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