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Christian advice for blended families: Great tips from the
Jakes, Manns and Franklins  
Article By Kristine Carrington // EEW Magazine
Posted March 6, 2017
According to the US Census Bureau, 1300 new stepfamilies are forming every day and over 50%
of US families are remarried or re-coupled.

GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer Tasha Cobbs is now part of that statistic since the
glowing bride
married her musical director Kenneth Leonard, Jr., a father of three from a
previous relationship.

But she’s not alone.

Among other well-known blended families in Christendom are: Kirk and Tammy Franklin; David
and Tamela Mann; Teddy and Tina Campbell; Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes—just to name

Here are 4 great tips for Christians, shared by Christian leaders, to help those navigating their
way around the blended family structure. This advice will help ensure success, happiness and

    1. Respect each other’s differing disciplinary styles.

    Potter’s House of Dallas pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes recently shared great wisdom for a
    couple on The T.D. Jakes Show that couldn’t agree on disciplinary issues. He said, “You
    have two totally different parenting styles, come from two different worlds. That’s normal.
    What you really have to understand [is] it’s not good for both parents to be a disciplinarian,
    because if both parents are disciplinarians, the kid has no escape. My wife and I call it
    ‘good cop, bad cop.’”

    2. Make every child feel special.

    Actors, singers and reality TV stars David and Tamela Mann have four children, two of
    those stemming from previous relationships, as well as a niece they adopted. Clearly, they
    have a houseful! So, what’s their secret to keeping all the children happy? Even though
    problems arise and issues must be dealt with, the couple says, “If you have a blended
    family remember to communicate and make every family member feel loved.”

    3. Fall in love with each other’s children.

    Both Kirk and Tammy Franklin had one child from a previous relationship when they got
    married—his son Kerrion, her daughter Carrington. “When Tammy and I got married, we
    already had children. I had a son when I was 18 and she had a daughter when she was 19.
    When we met, we fell in love with each other’s babies,” wrote the GRAMMY® Award-
    winning songwriter in a 2015 blog post. “We even included them in our wedding ceremony.
    I gave her daughter a ring and she gave my son one as well. I even legally adopted her
    daughter because the love I felt for her was deeper than anything I’d ever experienced in
    my life,” he said. The togetherness displayed by this family demonstrates the timeless truth
    that love truly conquers all.

    4. Spend time with your stepchildren.

    Busy schedules can hamper one-on-one quality time, but Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes,
    who wed in 2014, a second marriage for both, say quality time is a must. Sarah brought
    two children into the union and Touré, three. “As important as it to spend time together as
    a family, it’s equally as important for kids to know their step-parent loves and cares for
    them as much as their biological parent does,” say the Roberts. “Schedule individual times
    to spend just with your step children.” Nothing says I love and value you like precious
    moments together getting to know each other better and creating memories.

Of course we know that building strong family infrastructures—whether in a blended family or
not—takes patience and won’t always be smooth sailing, right?

But if you acknowledge the Lord in all your ways, He will guide, nurture, and take care of you and
your loved ones through every phase and stage.

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