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Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, ‘Go in
peace; keep warm and well fed’, but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In
the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
(James 2:15-17 NIV)

Be The Answer Micro Grants Program, provides opportunities for individuals and partner
organizations in the Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. network to show their love for
those in need by taking action to donate critical funding to assist people whose lives are
adversely affected by chronic illness.

The program is based on James 2:15-17, which encourages Christians to show their love for
women and families in need by tending to their practical necessities.

The program micro-grants, of $100 to $500, are designed to provide crucial supplemental funds
to women and families experiencing job loss, inability to cover cost of prescription medicine, and
inability to pay medical bills, as a result of a protracted period of illness either to the woman or an
immediate family member.

As believers, we are called not only to sympathize with the pain of people in dire need, but to act.
While praying for people is an act of love, God has not only called us to prayer, but He’s called
us to be the answer to prayer as well.

We all need to feel and see the love of Christ, so let the deeds of your faith shine a light in
someone’s life. Let the love God has placed in you for all mankind manifest in acts of kindness,
so that people will know that someone truly cares, even if they can’t trace the help back to you.

Don’t simply confine the love of Christ to encouraging social media posts and silent prayers if you
have the means to do more. Partner with EEW’s Be The Answer Program and show God’s love in
a tangible way.

To love somebody, is to help somebody. By combining our resources we can “be the answer,” to
the prayers of hurting women and families right now.
Founder: Dianna Hobbs

Dianna Hobbs, who was diagnosed with
two autoimmune diseases in 2016, says
God led her to launch the
Be the

"The generosity and support of friends,
family and the faith community helped
me and my entire family so much when I
was ill" Hobbs says. "And now that I
understand firsthand how much of a toll
sickness takes on a family physically,
mentally, emotionally and financially,
God placed it on my heart to help
others navigate low seasons brought
on by sickness."
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To be considered eligible to receive a Be The Answer micro-grant, applicant must provide a
copy of a current picture ID (if 18 years of age or older). If the micro-grant is being received on
behalf of a minor, please provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate as proof of relation.

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant (or applicant’s spouse) must have experienced a job loss as a result of a
    protracted period of illness (3 months or longer)

  • You are a citizen of the United States of America or have a copy of your alien resident card
    with alien registration number and date of entry to US (if not a US citizen)

  • You, a healthcare proxy, or an immediate family member, can fill out an application  
    providing us with some basic personal and demographic information about the person
    applying for the micro-grant

  • You can utilize the funds within 2 months of receipt

To help us understand your needs, please provide at least one of the following forms
of verification as it relates to your specific situation:

  • Statement from medical professional,
  • Proof of Social Security Disability,
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits,
  • Worker’s Compensation Current award letter or check stub.
  • You can provide documentation that you are currently receiving unemployment benefits
(e.g. copies of at least 3 consecutive pay stubs.)
  • A copy of your most recent unpaid medical bill.
  • A copy of a letter of cancellation of your Insurance policy.
  • A copy of an unfilled prescription written by a medical professional
Download your application by clicking the
orange download button below. Applications
are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Please email your completed application to

Paper copies should be mailed to:

EEW Microgrants
Attn: Kenya Hobbs
2316 Delaware, #134
Buffalo, NY 14216                    
Email questions to