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ACTIVATE 2K18, which will host
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ACTIVATE 2K18 is setting the
atmosphere that activates the power
of God and moves us to action.

Find out the schedule of events and
what we'll be offering at this year's
gathering. Aside from general
evening services, on Saturday, June
23rd, you can be a part of highly
impactful workshops.
Whatever your needs are, the
ACTIVATE team is here to help.

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You want to experience a true move of God.

You are thirsty for a genuine, life-changing
encounter. You want to be in an atmosphere where
you can be transformed in the presence of the Lord
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ACTIVATE Intercessors Regional
Prayer Conference 2018 brings
believers together from across the
nation to activate God's power
through authentic prayer, worship and
impartation of the word of God
Our guests are incredible worship
leaders, speakers and workshop
presenters that are serious about
equipping the body of Christ and
setting the atmosphere for the glory of
God to show up.
Got questions about the details?
We've got answers. Check out our
responses to the most frequently
asked questions about ACTIVATE. All
the information you need is one click
away so you don't miss out.
We love our network of global
partners that are joining forces with
us for the greater good of all. See how
you can get connected at this year's
ACTIVATE and link your brand to a
cause that truly matters.
You have a heart for the hurting.

You feel called to use your life to intercede for, give
hope to, and assist those who are hurting, broken
and desperately in need of help.
You believe in the power of corporate prayer.

You know that when believers unify, pray and
believe, things happen. So you want to join your
faith with other believers to witness a move of God.