When Christian wife and mom Joyya Thomson watches her children play and enjoys the everyday stuff of life,
she does so with a heart full of gratitude.

With tears in her eyes she recalls the night doctors told her she had a tear in a valve in her heart and needed
open heart surgery. But God stepped in.

“I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and it felt like I was breathing, trying to breathe under water. It started in my
abdomen and I could not bear the pain,” Joyya told CBN’s “The 700 Club.”

It was four days after giving birth to her second child—a son—that things took a turn for the worst, quickly.

Joyya was carrying a lot of weight in her legs and feet, and says “I knew that something was horribly wrong.”

While at the hospital, the new mom learned that doctors were certain there was a tear in the valve of her heart,
requiring a serious medical procedure.
God heals Joyya Thomson
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NOVEMBER 28, 2014
God Performs a Miracle for Joyya Thomson: ‘He Literally Did Heart  
Surgery On Me’ [VIDEO]
Joyya Thomson is happy with her family after God miraculously turned her dire medical situation around
(Photo Credit: CBN)
“The news that he was telling me was devastating,” recalls Joyya. “He says, ‘Okay, well, we’re gonna do one
last test. And we’re gonna come back and get you and we’re gonna transport you so that you can have your
emergency open heart surgery.”

While the medical team went to perform that final test, Joyya and her mother agreed to take the matte to a
higher authority.

Joyya’s mother recalls, “We hung up and I got down on my knees by my bedside and I got the phone, and I
called “The 700 Club” and this is what I said: ‘All I need is somebody that will believe God with me, because I
already believe that God can heal her body.’”

That faith was not in vain.

Joyya had the final test, an echocardiograph, before she was to be shipped off for surgery.

She waited nearly an hour for the results and when they came back, it was nothing short of miraculous.

“He says, ‘Well, I don’t know what happened,’” explains Joyya. “And I said, ‘Okay?’ And he says, ‘Well, we don’t
see a tear in the valve of your heart.’ And I said, ‘Okay?” And so, he says, ‘You don’t have to have open heart
surgery and you’re getting better, and I’ve never seen this before.’”

Joyya has no doubt that God turned her dire health situation all the way around, adding that the Lord “literally
did heart surgery on me.”

Watch Joyya’s moving testimony and allow it to build your faith in God’s miraculous transforming power.
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