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NOVEMBER 14, 2016
Article By Corinne Justice  // Empowering Everyday Women Beauty
Whether you just went natural, or you’ve been natural for years, you may be in need of some advice on
how to manage your fluffy, curly crown.

I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your hair healthy and happy, based off of other naturals’
experiences as well as my own:

1. Co-wash! If you’ve been natural for a while, you’ve probably heard of it. Co-washing is when you
wash your hair with conditioner ONLY, no shampoo. Conditioner is not as chemically harsh on natural
hair as shampoo, meaning co-washing can be done more often. The conditioner will leave your hair
feeling soft and less dry, because it doesn’t deplete your hair’s natural oils! Of course, a gentle
shampoo should still be used from time to time. (Also, if you have dermatitis, co-washing probably isn’t
for you.)

2. Finger detangle. For the days when a comb or Denman brush won’t cut it, finger detangle! Just
gently running yours fingers through your hair a few times while it’s wet can make such a difference. To
make the job easier, you can even add an oil of your choice or a styling gel to make your hair slippery
and more manageable. As always, to detangle, work from the ends of your hair up to the root.

3. T-Shirt dry! Throw in the towel and use a T-Shirt to dry your hair! The fiber in towels can get
wrapped up in your locks, damage natural hair and cause unwanted frizz, and breakage. Just pat and
squeeze (not rub) your hair with an old shirt you don’t care about, then let air-drying do the rest.

4. Divide and conquer. If you’ve got a mean amount of hair and it just gets thicker as it grows,
detangling of any sort can be an hours-long nightmare! To cut back on the time (and keep you from
losing your mind), divide your hair into sections, detangling one clump at a time.

5. Protective style. Just quickly put two large French braids in your hair, or even wear a loose bun.
These low-maintenance styles keep moisture locked in your hair without overworking the strands. They
also free up time that would normally be spent wetting and detangling and air-drying, etc.

6. Tight isn’t right. If you want your edges to thrive rather than barely survive, hairstyles that pull at
your hairline should be avoided. If your braids or up-do are giving you a headache, or causing you to
sleep with your eyes wide open, they need to go! All that tension will send your baby hairs back to the
womb, so steer clear. Hopefully, I have “taut” you well.

7. Let’s wrap this up! Tie your hair up every night before going to bed in a satin scarf, or sleep on a
satin pillowcase. This helps to prevent drying, tangling and breakage.

Being a naturalista is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a lot of work. While every method won’t work on
every woman’s mane, if you apply these tips, you’ll be headed in the right direction.
The Mane Thing: 7 tips to love and care for your
natural hair