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Kierra says Mom
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5 lessons we can all learn and adhere to from Kierra
Sheard’s note to herself
Article By Katlyn Mackie // EEW Magazine
Posted July 17, 2017
Photo Credit: Getty
Kierra Sheard, who comes from a long line of powerful gospel singers, is best known for her Stellar
Award-winning vocals.

But the 30-year-old daughter of Karen Clark Sheard of the multiple GRAMMY® award-winning Clark
Sisters, is quickly becoming known for her transparency online through her blog, Instagram
updates, and YouTube videos.

Recently, the preacher’s daughter opened up in a deeply personal
blog post titled, “A Honest Letter
to Myself,” where she both affirms and critiques herself. Although the self-help letter was intended
to uplift and correct Sheard alone, others can extract and apply lessons from some of the singer’s
sage advice.

Here are 5 lessons Empowering Everyday Women believes you ought to begin applying today.

    #1 Don’t give so much of yourself so soon.

    Sheard wrote in her post, “Yes you are very generous and sometimes you can be too
    generous with giving so much of yourself by wanting to help people.”

    #2 Get your appetite under control

    The eleven60 designer who has admitted struggling to curb her appetite and resist cravings
    wrote, “Yes, you like to eat and you need more self-discipline with a few things, but at least
    you acknowledge that and are always trying to tackle what you think can be better.”

    #3 Make room in your schedule to commune with God

    Sheard says in the post, “You could pray a little more and read your Bible a little more. So
    manage your time a little better.”

    #4 Be patient when dream-chasing

    Sheard, an entrepreneur and all-around go-getter, admits being impatient when trying to
    reach goals. So one of her advice tidbits is, “What you don't have now doesn't mean that you
    will never have it. It takes time. Don't jump to conclusions. Don't rush things. Take your time.”

    #5 Never give up.

    In four words, the Detroit native and Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God In Christ
    member summarized her need to persevere: “Keep going; don't stop.”

While all these lessons are excellent in theory, they aren’t easy to integrate into your life. So be
diligent and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your footsteps.

Sheard recommends that you “write a letter to yourself,” which can be a great way to get clear-
headed about where you’re headed in life, as well as what you’re doing—both
right and wrong.

Do you know of any areas in your life where you need to grow and submit to the Lord? Let
Empowering Everyday Women Ministries pray with you that God would strengthen and develop you
as you cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.
Click here to request prayer.
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Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
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